Cairo Top Attractions

The most exuberant city of Egypt, Cairo thrives on building anticipation and fascination of people worldwide. With lots of attention-grabbing sights, Cairo never fails to heighten the temptation up to the hilt whether you are history geek or just a simple tourist on a visit to Egypt.

Point Of Interests

Cairo’s Museums: Cairo is the golden pot where Egypt’s history is carefully restored. Not one or two but 7 beautifully crafted show houses thrive on making its presence known. To know more, see Cairo Museums..

Cairo’s Parks: Similarly, the parks of Cairo spread their own beauty and spells. At least 4 classically beautiful gardens of Cairo draw tourist into their web successfully. To know more, see Cairo Parks..

Cairo’s Palaces: These palaces are saving point of Cairo. It’s so easy to get lost in its clutches, easy to travel back in time and absorb its history straight into the core. To know more, see Cairo Palaces..

Coptic Cairo: Get straight back to the Roman era of Egypt and witness the culture flourish and root deep itself into Egypt. To know more, see Coptic Cairo…

Islamic Cairo: Middle era’s pride and joy can be evidenced mostly in Islamic Cairo but is nonetheless overwhelming. The culture has seeped deep into its core and is no more widespread than Ancient Egypt with its influence. See more in Islamic Cairo…

Cairo’s Other Attractions: Beyond these fascinating places, Cairo has many other and equally heart-stopping Cairo Top Attractions for you.

  • Tahrir Square: The magnificent plaza in the heart of Cairo is the silent witness of the great Egypt revolution. Read more about it in Tahrir Square..
  • Cairo Tower: The sky-high structure is the apple of Modern Egypt and as the lotus structured stunning the sight is, what steals the heart is the breathtaking view of Cairo skyline. To know more, see Cairo Tower…
  • Garden City: The unbelievable but perfectly put together district centre of Cairo is a vision of pure and unadulterated architectural genius. For further details, see Garden City..
  • Gezira: The most breathtaking island in Nile River is the next creative marvel that allows a tourist to witness the growth and creative geniuses of Egypt. Read details in Gezira..
  • Khan El-Khalili: The souk area is the major hub of Islamic Cairo and the best place to find some rarefied historical souvenirs of Egypt.
  • Pharaonic Village: Few miles from Downtown Cairo, the place is Egypt’s beating history that tells Ancient Egypt accurately

But the list does not end here. It goes on and on. To witness the sheer elegance and opulence of Cairo in style but smartly, all you have to do is call NILE HOLIDAYand schedule your visit Cairo Top Attraction with your choices and dreams of Egypt. Let us show you the heart of Egypt in the best way possible..

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