Cairo’s Parks
Cairo’s Parks

Above the chaotic abuzz of Cairo, the sprawling gardens are a fresh breath of air that everybody falls in love with. There aren’t enough words to describe the significance and impact of Cairo Parks on the people near and far.

Lists of Cairo Parks

There are about 10 absolutely mesmerising and stunning pieces of grassland that bring refreshment and merriment to the hilt. Such as:

Al-Azhar Park

Surrounded by most significant sites of Islamic Cairo, the 74-acre park is one of the great public park projects the world has ever seen.  The park is eye-opening pleasure heaven that does not only have beauty within but the view surrounding the site is also utterly mesmerising. The Aga Khan’s creative genius is an urban initiative of Cairo that has beautifully used Nile River for the waterfronts in the park.  The mountain of Al-Darassa on which it is built has also revealed the uncovered gem of Ayyubid Wall and later revitalised the Darb-Al-Ahmar. Not to mention the Museum and urban plaza added their charms too.

Orman Garden

The botanical garden of Orman Gardens is a green delight that Cairo loves to play for all wanderers there. 28 acres of this garden has a herbarium building, a rock garden, and rose &cactus gardens and of all, the gorgeous and striking Lotus pond that even in the remote location of Giza creates a lot of buzz for Cairo visitors.

Aquarium Grotto Garden

This part of the Gezira gardens is a romantic haven as well as children’s treasure house. The dilapidated garden may not house as many fish as any other aquarium, but it is famed for its rarefied fishes and beautifully carved caves that make the garden more a historic site than recreational site. That is why the place is on the list of Cairo Top Attraction.

El Andalos park

In the central part of Cairo, the park rules the heart of millions of visitors and passersby. This fenced garden is separated by Qasr El Nil Bridge from El-Tahrir Garden.  As a part of Gezira Gardens, the green space has survived urban sprawl and even with fences, preserves its impact and grabs attention more.

Al-Fustat park

The theme park is an exciting combination of botanical treasures and games designed for children and all. As of now, unauthorized entries are allowed as opposed to tickets for entry as was the norm and is the reason of interest spike in tourist. But due to rallies and protests that happened in the park, it was restricted areas but not anymore.

Fish Garden

Gabalaya Park along side Aquarium Grotto Gardens is the only fish garden of Cairo. And as is Aquarium Grotto Garden, the place is little rundown place but a fantastic and romantic getaway at the same time.

Family park

The amusement park along with zoo is very popular and well loved green treasure known as Sites International, spreads across 70 acres of Modern Cairo. The park inspires Arts and Technology, Science, Nature, and, Artistic Workshops not to mention activities and games for children and adults likewise. Apart from this the park highlights miniature railway, the Magic River, safari area, rides and fine dining experiences and so on.

International park

Away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, busy streets and sites, the park is a welcome respite to the people here. Even in the busiest area of Nasr city, the park is less crowded than Al-Azhar Park. The sprawling greenery is perfect to get lost and enjoy the outdoor scene free from the excruciating heat of the city.

Al-Horreya Garden

Just little off to the Gezira square, the park’s main focus is on the Egypt and Latin America’s interrelationship. The park has 11 statues with inscriptions about who and when and all that jazz. Among which statue of Ahmed Shawsky and great Ramon Castilla and most of these statues are gifted to Egypt, but the freedom garden has its own story to tell. The green treasure is a botanical project that provides many romantic interludes and photo opportunity not to mention perfect picnic moments.

Japanese Garden

Helwan’s Japanese Gardens is a small forgotten botanical heaven in Helwan that has two entrances. One that welcomes with a Buddha faces carved from rock that leads up to the upland with a fountain lake with elephant statues on one side and pagoda cottages next to it with 30 Buddha statues creating most enchanting photo opportunity. However, the other side of the park is another lake accompanied by the children’s playground, bamboo forest, and Japanese cottage with little boats providing lots of enjoyable moments.

Apart from these 10 striking and breathtaking green spaces, a few more can also be added to the list which NILE HOLIDAY will be proud to offer them in your tour packages and make your Cairo Parks Tours a perfect kaleidoscopic holiday…

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