Pharaonic Village
Pharaonic Village

To understand Ancient Egyptian Culture, there is no word better than visualising the time for you. Pharaonic Village does that, takes you back in time and redefine your Egypt knowledge.


Dr. Hassan Ragab and his son Dr. Abdelsalam Ragab created this whole fantasy land to capture the Pharaonic times and enable the world to witness the magical times. Those myths and facts of Ancient Egypt create a lot of buzz that hundreds of walk through the temples and shrines can’t express.  But, when you walk into Pharaonic Village, it will show the Pharaoh world and give you the taste of real Ancient Egypt.

Dr. Hassan Ragab got this idea on Ya’aqoob Island where he grew papyrus necessary for paper fabrication which is an art he brought back after l000 years. The island covers about 490,000 sq.ft and surrounded by 5000 trees cuts off from the world altogether and is perfect spot to take you back into 5000 years in history.


  • An incredible and veritable group of actors and actresses and exact reproductions of buildings, clothing, and lifestyles helps in bringing Pharaonic times very effectively.
  • Everyone from pharaohs to fishermen, from potters to priests that would have existed in an ancient Egyptian city is here in its modern recreation.
  • This village represent industries, games, arts and moments from history and legend of Egypt making it more than education and entertainment.
  • Visitors come here on comfortable motorized barges down a complex system of canals and take immense joy in making use of modern amenities that performs without disturbing the past.
  • Thus, services such as cafeterias, boat rentals, a children’s playground make it an adventure worth having.
  • With a restaurant serving both Egyptian and European dishes and a temple of exacting details where Pharaoh meet and welcome you enables in making the past come to life.

Let the history unwind, show Pharaonic Village colour and glory and touch your soul. To book this indescribable adventure, call NILE HOLIDAY today..

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Pharaonic Village

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