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Egypt flavours and spices make Egypt Food all the more enticing. Egyptian foods are mouth-wateringly delicious and hard to ignore. Be sure if you can handle spices and flavours, if not keep antacids with you. But don’t miss it, or you are bound to regret later…

Egypt Tours are worth visiting that lets you leave the modern world behind and enjoy the naturally deserted retreat kingdoms of ancient culture and lifestyle.

Nile Holiday brings you some very remarkable and ingenious Things To Do In Egypt. Let’s break the things according to various locations.

Egypt Staple Food

Egypt prefers vegetarian dishes with vegetables, legumes and beans. Meats are expensive and seafood is mostly coastal preference (Alexandria). However, Egypt’s staple food is bread and varieties of bread. Such as:

  • Eish baladi,
  • Eish fino,
  • Eish merahrah,
  • Eish shamsi..

Egypt Spices

Egypt Food is known for its spices. There are some spices that are part and parcel of Egypt cuisines. Such as:

  • Cumin coriander,
  • Cardamom,
  • Chilli,
  • Aniseed,
  • Bay leaves,
  • Dill,
  • Parsley,
  • Ginger,
  • Cinnamon,
  • Mint,

Egypt Meat

Egypt meat is basically Lamb and beef, rabbit, pigeon, chicken, duck, and a variety sort of meat called Offal.

Egypt Delicacies

Certain food items are Egypt speciality such as:

  • Foie gras,
  • Liver sandwiches,
  • Mousse or parfait,
  • Stews and soups,
  • Kofta, kabab, mashwiyat,
  • And so on..

Egypt Salads and Starters

Egypt courses have traditional starters and salads too. Such as:

  • Cheeses
  • Hummus
  • Baba Ghanoush
  • Salata baladi
  • And so on..

Egypt Main Courses

Egypt main courses are the highlights of its rich food and flavours. Such as:

  • Ful medames: It is one of the national dishes that is cooked with fava beans and served with olive oil to be topped with cumin.
  • Molokhiya: Another infamous national dish which is a popular green soup cooked with finely chopped jute leaves, sometimes with chicken or rabbit.
  • Falafel: Also called Ta’ameya is cooked with fava beans and served with fresh tomatoes, tahina sauce and arugula.
  • Kushari: The national dish and often as street food, cooked with rice, macaroni and lentils mixed together, topped with a spiced tomato sauce, and garlic vinegar. Often garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. Whereas sprinkling of garlic juice, or garlic vinegar, and hot sauce are purely optional.
  • Fatteh: A traditional dish eaten on festive occasions, is a mixture of rice, chunks of lamb meat, eish baladi cut up into pieces and prebaked in the oven, all covered in a tomato and/or vinegar-based sauce.
  • Bamia: A stew cooked using lamb, okra and tomatoes as primary ingredients.
  • Besarah: A dip cooked from peeled fava beans and leafy greens and served cold topped with fried onion.
  • Shawerma: A Levantine cuisine and popular sandwich of shredded beef, lamb or chicken meat, rolled in pita bread with tehina sauce.
  • Torly: A dish of baked squash, potatoes, carrots, onions, and tomato sauce served in a flat tray.
  • And so on..

Egypt Desserts

No food is complete without Egyptian Dessert. And Egypt does not step back when it comes to it either. The few names that challenge the culinary world are:

  • Basbousa
  • Baqlawa
  • Ghorabiye
  • Kahk
  • Kunafa
  • Luqmet el qadi
  • Atayef
  • Rozz be laban
  • Umm ali
  • Feteer meshaltet
  • Couscous
  • Halawa
  • Ladida
  • Malban
  • Mehalabeya
  • Melabbes
  • Mifattah

But even after all that, Egypt Tourism brings Egypt spectacular beaches, Egypt’s art & culture, thrilling activities, riveting nightlife, Egypt’s particular brand of wine and dine and many more action and adventure.

Nile Holiday recommends you to eat at local restaurants and eateries and avoid eating street food. However tasty, they will be hard on your stomach. Be smart and stay healthy with Egyptian Food

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