Cairo Palaces

The Palaces In Cairo show how magnificent and dreamlike Islam rule was. These palaces are no less enchanting and intimidating and could beat Ancient Egypt’s glory more or less.

10 Breath-stealing Palaces

The list is long enough without saying, but in all below are 10 exceptional palaces that you should never miss in the first place:

Cairo Citadel (Citadel of Saladin (Al-Qalaa))

Saladin palace is a magnificent castle with Islamic fortification that houses lots of Islamic monuments of various periods. Based on top of Mokattam hills, the castle is a highly visible landmark and Cairo Top Attractions that draws people over like moth to fire.Abdeen Palace

This palace is marked with both medieval and contemporary history. Built by Egyptian, French, Italian and Turkish architects, the royal palace became Government seat during Khedive Ismail’s reign. And later President Hosni restored the building as Arms Museum. As a museum complex, it houses Silver Museum, Arms Museum, the Royal Family Museum, Presidential Gifts Museum and the more recent Historical Documents Museum.

Tahra Palace

El- Tahra is an Italianate Palazzo style palace built for the daughter of Khedive Ismail, Princess Amina who gave birth to Taher Pasha. The palace is a sight for sore eyes with its magnificent halls and salon followed by impeccable royal gardens and its botanical brilliance that represents finest work of the time.

Baron Empain Palace

The palace is also called El Palais Hindou, inspired by Indian mansion, was a work designed by French architect Alexandre Marcel and decorated by Georges-Louis Claude. The palace is an architectural genius in Heliopolis that is seriously the best works of Cairo.

Manial Palace

Located on the grounds of Rhoda Island on the Nile, the palace and estate is the best-preserved house museum reflecting 19th-century royal lifestyle and settings. The residence is separated with 5 distinctively styled buildings and surrounded by Persian gardens within an all impressive landscape estate park facing the Nile.

Prince Amr Ibrahim Palace

The stunning palace in Zamalek district is now used as Museum of Islamic Ceramics was built in 1921 to be used as Summer Residence on Gezira Island.

Al Sakakini Palace

The hidden treasure in El Zaher is a rococo style architecture inspired from an Italian palace that Habib Sakakini Pasha, a wealthy Levantine businessman loved. The flawless and magnificent palace is now quite forgotten among its urban surroundings.

Koubbeh Palace

The palace is one of the current and official presidential guest houses that housed many dignitaries over time. the palace was built in the 19th century and was a venue for One Thousand And One Night celebrations, royal weddings, and an admired garden for visiting dignitaries. Thus, making it a perfect place to reside but only if you are State guest.

Amir Taz Palace

The palace was built by Mamluk rulers and underwent renovation several times. By 19th century the palace was it became a girl’s school and used for storage by Ministry of Education. Located on the intersection of Saliba and Suyufiyya Street, the palace served as an entrance to Medieval Cairo. Now, this place is used as a tourist spot and exhibition property the palace by day and television show host at night.

Zaafarana Palace

The palace was named because of the area which was famous for saffron plantations. Residing under the main campus of Ain Shams University, the palace was designed by Egyptian architect Moghri bey Saad who was French-educated.  Nowadays, this palace is used as administrative offices by the University.

However, apart from these above mentioned timeless architectures, many more Palaces in Cairo and make their presence known. Palaces such as Al Musafir Khana Palace, Al-Gawhara Palace, Amir Alin Aq Palace, Bayt Al-Razzaz palace, Beshtak Palace, Dubara Palace, Gezira Palace, Khairy Pasha Palace and so on. Cairo prides on these treasures and NILE HOLIDAY wants you to witness these beauties that tell their own story..

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