Khan El Khalili
Khan El Khalili

The infamous souk or market complex in the centre of Islamic Cairo is the tourist haven and perfect shopping choice for all and sundry.


The site was used as burial grounds for the Fatimid dynasty of Middle era was a great mausoleum called Saffron Tomb or Turbat-az-Za’faraan.

But when Mamluks took over Egypt in 14th century, the place went through a massive change, and the Fatimid cemetery was replaced with a large caravanserai which became a hub of foreign trade that included slaves and precious stones of Egypt for sale.

However, Sultan Al-Ghuri, the last of Mamluk dynasty, reconstructed the whole area with a new commercial complex with gates and streets accompanying his buildings and funerary complexes.

Those gates and all, surrounding the complex area with all major historical sites are still a large part of attractions which are hard to ignore. But the market complex is beyond words. Tourist and locals both love to explore the joy of shopping in this market.


  • The market complex is known for Souvenirs, Antiques, Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Jewellery, Spices, Incense, Perfumes, Handmade crafts, Carpets, Glass Lamps and Shisha etc.
  • The old cafes and restaurants such as, Al Fishawy etc. with many street vendors offer their traditional food delicacies, Arabian coffee and shisha for tourist and locals impartially.
  • Market is surrounded by Islamic Cairo’s charms such as, Al-Hussein Mosque, Wekalet El Ghouri, Bab Zuweila, Azbakiyah, Al-Azhar Street, Muiz Street, and so on.
  • The most important feature of this market is Haggle shopping. You can bargain in every store..

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So, do whatever, but never miss the fun of exploring Khan el Khalili and shopping for anything. Take a little time out of your trip and walk the ground, even if you have no wish to shop, something or other is bound to capture ou interest. NILE HOLIDAY offers a local guide who can help in the process and don’t let you be fooled. So stop frowning and start planning your detour in Khan el Khalili…

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