Garden City

The elegant and posh suburb area in the centre of Cairo is like any other areas. The chic area is homes embassies and some of the wealthy Egyptians.  But it is also a historical and architectural treasure that houses many of Cairo’s European-style buildings.


Khedive Ismail’s wish to Europeanize Cairo led to visionary architect Jose Lamba to design a small European suburb that will become the home of Cairo’s elite. And an elegant hexagon with no straight roads but streets in form of triangles and curved rectangles was formed. Thus, the villas were crafted and graceful gardens were built for wealthy and rich.

The list of residents included royals such as Princess Fatma Fazil, ministers such as Adly Yegen Pasha and stars like Shwekar and so on lived and left their stories behind.  Later, in sync to these designs Italian architect Beyerly designed the palace.  Now each and every corner of Garden City is ripe with its own story.

Places to see:

  • Beit El-Sennari, built by Ibrahim Katkhuda El-Sennari housed French artists. The house caters to the Institute for Applied Arts which has glassware, pottery, and other works on display not to mention the courtyard and open gardens, and the various sections of the house.
  • Egyptian Parliament and Museum, which is the epicenter of the Egyptian government and offers tours and museum that has recorded the Egyptian government.
  • Ethnological Museum, the Geographical Society created by Khedive Ismail that displays modern Egyptian Cultural Artefacts, and examples of daily life.
  • Corniche, the waterfront that gives spectacular views of Nile River.

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Garden City

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