Egyptian Destination Guide
Egyptian Destination Guide

As difficult as it is to get all of Egypt Destination Guide in a single tour, it is similarly difficult to put every wonders, delights, and exploits in a single page. But as it is, let’s cover the base first.

Major Historical Cities

There are some major Egyptian Destination Guide that play a central role in putting Egypt in the high tower of Exemplary Vacation Destinations. We cover those Best Historical Cities Egypt has to offer.


The main focal point of Egypt is Cairo, the capital city that is the nerve of Egypt from the start of Ancient Egypt Civilisation.


Egypt’s most elusive mystery that draws tourists is the Great Pyramids that established Egypt’s golden history. And Giza Pyramid is the prime holder of that glory.


Next are temples, tombs and what not. Luxor on the banks of River Nile was once a capital during Pharaohs, now holds a special place when it comes unlocking the Ancient Egypt Secrets.


Along the shores of Nile, Aswan rules the commercial heart of Egypt. Egypt Tourism has gone all out to weave the history in a sensual way that tourist can’t escape from getting lost in the elusive land.


The most revered and ancient city of Egypt is an archaeological gem found in the Nile Desert. The tourists are fascinated with the history that is retold and revisited again and again here.


The small town of Dendera is famed for the most sought after temple complex with dedicated shrines and temples that represent Ancient Egypt’s glorious history.


The exotic city of Egypt lures not only tourist from all over world but also is the most sought after city in Egypt.

Major Coastal Towns


The first beach resort town to explore the Red Sea in Egypt is Hurghada. And it is still the ideal recreational Egypt Tourist Attractions.

Marsa Alam:

Marsa Alam the beach resort town with exclusive diverse coral reef and scuba diving sites, is the top contender that draws international tourists.

Port Safaga:

Port Safaga is a gateway to visit impressive Ancient Egyptian Sites. It is also famous for its shore excursion that includes diving, snorkelling etc.

Sinai Peninsula Attractions

Sharm El Sheikh

Being a restricted resort town, it has sheltered sandy beaches and clear water. And steadily and slowly making it to the top of beach destination choice altogether.

Other South Sinai Charms:


Sinai’s most treasured Red Sea town is famous for its spectacular beaches and exceptional diving spots was once a small Bedouin fishing village.

St. Catherine:

St. Katherine is a city in the South of Sinai that brings tourist over and over to witness the magnificent Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery.


The coastal town is a backpackers’ paradise. The famed Coloured Canyon, Ras Shaitan’s snorkelling and diving sport and so on are few attractions that make it Nuweiba exclusive and loved.

Egyptian Destination Guide help you discover the secret flavours of Egypt in each nook and corner. Find sights unseen and colour your Egypt Holiday with an everlasting brush…

Don’t miss a chance to unlock these treasures of Egypt…

Abydos Information

The historic town of Abydos situated on the west of Nile River is one of the most revered Sites Of Egypt with some extremely important

On west bank of Nile River, Dendara the small town with one of the best preserved temple complex may not be widely promoted, but is

The bridge between Africa and Europe that holds both Mediterranean and Red Sea charms and makes a beautiful addition to Egypt Tourism plight. History Of

On the southern tip of Sinai, coastline paradox of Red Sea, that has created uproar in Egypt Tourism. With so many jaw-dropping sights and bone

The Post Safaga, therapeutic resort town on the shore of Red Sea. It’s a small port which is famous for being a phosphate export centre

Marsa Alam a resort port on the east shore of Egypt. It is a wild and spectacular gift of Red Sea that draws tourists like

Hurghada City, Red Sea coastal city of Egypt speaks for itself. The city has been famed as the one of the best recreational Egypt Tourist

The Aswan contemporary city on the island of Elephantine in east bank of Nile has been established and many Ancient Egypt Sites have been restored

Luxor City is situated on east bank of Nile River. Pharoah is the capital city Luxor. It is the next best thing tourists search for

The Mediterranean port city of Egypt is a breath of fresh air from the heat and sun of Egypt. Being a port city Alexandria Tours

On the west bank of Nile River, the pyramid complex and Ancient Egypt’s treasure trove Pyramids Of Giza has always been Egypt Tourism main attraction.

The ever lively and colorful city founded on banks of Nile, Cairo holds the torch to Egypt. The finest example of past ruling and present

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