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Egypt is all about the pride and joy of Africa. It has ruled the tourism world and has made it to the hearts of millions all over the world.

General Info

Official Name : Arab Republic of Egypt

Nick Name : The Gift of Nile

Time Zone : Eastern European Time (UTC+ 2:00)

Calling code : +20

Official languages : Arabic

Other Languages used : English and French widely used by educated people

Area : 1,010,408 km2

Population : 94,798,827

Latitudes : 22° and 32°N

Longitudes : 25° and 35°E


Egypt is the oldest and most durable civilisation that world has witnessed. However, Ancient Egypt Civilisation that started the golden rule of Egypt got lost somewhere along the way when Roman then Islam, Ottoman and British invaded. Every invasion has left a strong presence. Egyptian Tourism has brought into limelight now. And Egypt is basking in its glory and creating a buzz that has taken the entire world into its clutches.


Egypt is a transcontinental country that borders Libya, Sudan, Gaza strip and Israel. A land bridge between Africa and Asia by the Suez Canal is a traversable channel that   connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean that pass through the Red Sea.

Egypt Point Of Interest

The most enigmatic and colourful country of Africa is a cocktail of history and beauty mixed together that will be etched in your soul forever. To unlock this valley of untold mysteries and fun, let us list some point of interests first:

The most enigmatic and colourful country of Africa is a cocktail of history and beauty mixed together that will
be etched in your soul forever. To unlock this valley of untold mysteries and fun, let us list some point of interests first:

Historical Cities Of Egypt

  • Cairo: Cairo vibrant capital city is the gate that leads you
    to the door to unlock the Ancient Egypt’s secrets.
  • Giza: Giza royal city holds the most precious Egypt gems and
    is the most sought after destination of Egypt.
  • Luxor: Luxor Another enigma of Egypt with temples and tales of
    its own that weave its own magic.
  • Alexandria: Alexandria city with Greek and Roman influence puts
    Egypt’s history and allures into another dimension altogether.
  • Aswan: The small town of Aswan is a fresh breath of Egypt air.

Egypt Nile River

Egypt is a desert country surrounded by Mediterranean and Red Seas on two sides. But
what make Egypt ‘Egypt’ are not seas but the ever flowing Nile River. So don’t
miss a chance to enjoy the life source of Egypt whether on felucca or days long
cruises totally up to you.

Red Sea

The beaches of Red Sea will make you pause your hectic life and explore the fun it has in store. Some famous coastal jaunts are:

  • Hurghada
  • Marsa Alam
  • Sharm el Shiekh
  • Dahab
  • Port Safaga


A paradise in middle of nowhere is a fantasy, an adventure, and an answer to your taxing life. And Egyptian Oasis has some unforeseen pieces of land that work their magic every time and for everyone.

Desert Safaris

Egyptian Tourism thrives in making the best of every wonder Egypt has to offer. Thus, Egypt gives you 2 famous deserts that compete with each other to give you the Egyptian Desert Safaris:

  • Sahara Desert
  • Sinai Desert

Things To Do In Egypt

  • Egyptian Pyramids
  • Egyptian Temples
  • Egyptian Cruises
  • Egyptian Shopping
  • Egyptian Adventures
  • Egyptian Activities such as felucca rides etc.
  • Egyptian Other Historical Landmarks
  • Egyptian Night life
  • Egyptian Finger licking Food
  • And so on…

Festivals And Events

In Egypt many Festivals And Religious carnival (mulid) are observed. But Ramadan attracts more Muslim tourists to witness and enjoy.

Another event that attracts tourist is ancient spring festival (Sham en Nisim) celebrated between the Egyptian
months of April and May.

Best Time To Visit

There may be difference in temperatures but tourist flock around all the time.  Best
Time To Visit Egypt

  • Winter : October – April

Cool temperatures make it the best time to visit Egypt to your heart’s content. You will find it packed with tourist from every corner this time.

  • Summer : May – September

Due to the heat, it garners fewer visitors and lower prices. Not to mention the best time to enjoy Nile River

So, whether you want to step into Egypt history and unlock its secrets or to chill out in the sandy beach and discover the underwater adventures, to rekindle your love life in a middle of nowhere, or want to set out in a cruise or felucca and let the tide romance you and help you discover Egypt’s glory, there is no better place to go than NILE HOLIDAY.

Whatever Egypt fancy, you are in the right place. Let your Egypt dreams become a reality….

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