Cairo Theme Parks
Cairo Theme Parks

Cairo Theme Parks are so popular among the tourists as well as local people.  From the North Coast to the White Desert, a well-spent vacation is always promised, one whose memories would never fail to draw a smile on your face. In Cairo, fun is not age-specific, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a family looking to spend some quality time together, an adventure-seeking group, or even grandparents who want to enjoy a good vacation with their grandchildren, Amusement Parks in Cairo come in all themes and colours.

The magical site and sights of rides and entertaining attractions that are embedded in Cairo Theme Parks and amusement centres will design your vacation with fun-filled moments. Some of which include Al Fustat Garden‚ Sindbad‚ Faby Land‚ Dream Park etc. To feel the right adrenaline rush and beaming faces as you join the paths and tracks, Nile Holiday has handpicked the best tickets of these theme parks by comparing prices of top suppliers and making sure they have the best benefits for everybody.

Provide your kids with the best Cairo kids activities to keep them entertained and give them the best moments ever during the vacation. You can also discover secret gems of the city with your family on Cairo Walking Tours and can also explore the culinary culture of the city on Cairo Food Tours. You should come with an empty stomach because you have a lot of African foods to taste. You can also save money during your vacation with these free Things to Do in Cairo. All these tours and tickets of Cairo are prepared for travellers to have the best moments ever in the Egyptian city.

Cairo Theme Parks

However, Cairo also boasts many theme parks for children. Roller coaster rides to gardens to interactive games and as such. Some names that a tourist doesn’t miss are:

Cairo Land

·         Location: Al Balaqsah, Abdin

·         Type: Water Park

Amusement Park Porto Cairo

·         Location: Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City

·         Type: Theme Park

Faby Land

·         Location: New Cairo

·         Type: Theme Park

Kidzania Cairo

·         Location: New Cairo

·         Type: Theme Park

B&D Park

·         Location: Sheraton Al Matar, Qism El-Nozha

·         Type: Theme Park

Dream Park

·         Location: 6th of October City

·         Type: Amusement Park

Andalusian Garden

·         Location: Emtedad Ramses, As Sarayat Ash Sharqeyah, Nasr City

·         Type: Garden

Gero Land

·         Location: Obour City

·         Type: Amusement park

Magic Land

·         Location: 6th October City

·         Type: Playground and Amusement Park

Sindbad City

·         Location: Nasr City

·         Type: Amusement Park


These places may not be up to the par with some big names such as Disney land and all, but they show that Cairo Theme Park knows how to entertain from children to adults, history buffs to adventure seekers, couples to solo. We are definitely equipped to show you a fantastic time that will make your trip golden. Egypt fully intends to keep itself in the list of a dream destination. Let Nile Holiday show you a fun Egypt for a change.

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