Tahrir Square

500 acre of open space turned plaza symbolises the revolution of 2011 and end of Hosni Mubarak reign. The place is aptly known as Martyr Square or Liberation Square.


The land housed many gardens, royal palaces etc. during Khedive Ismalia’s rule. A statue of Khedive Ismail was built to be placed on the pedestal, to commemorate Ismalia reign on the place, and honour their descendant Mohamed Ali the founder of Modern Egypt.

But, the square witnessed the killings of Egyptian at the hand of police in Feb 11 of 1946. And 64 years later, witnessed President Mubarak’s falling. 1952, the square was ablaze with fire causing few causalities which led Egypt to republic kingdom. Later, the name was changed from Ismalia to Tahrir which meant freedom. During 2011 revolution and unrests, another building was set fire. However that led to people finally accepting Tahrir Square as symbol of liberation.


  • Tahrir Square has been the evidenced numerous protests and demonstrations over the years and is now considered a historical landmark.
  • Tahrir Square, a downtown Cairo traffic island with a network of footpath that leads to the 14-story government building called the Mugamma’, which had transformed into a symbol of government.
  • At the centre, a large and busy traffic circle and to the north-east side, a plaza with a statue of nationalist hero Omar Makram who is famed for his resistance against Napoleon I’s invasion of Egypt stands. However, beyond is the Omar Makram Mosque.
  • Tahrir Square is surrounded by Egyptian Museum, Folklore Arts House, Mogamma government building, Headquarters of the Arab League building, the Nile Hotel, Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church and the campus of the American University in Cairo.

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Tahrir Square

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