Cairo Private & Custom Tours
Cairo Private & Custom Tours

Cairo Private & Custom Tours are undeniably the best bet for those who are really looking to get out and do their own thing while they are in the country. This is particularly true if you book your Private Guided Tour of Egypt through us.

Enjoy an unforgettable Cairo private tour with a friendly personal guide from Nile Holiday. Each of our Cairo Tours features a local private guide who knows this city as only locals do, and will give you a unique Private Cairo Tour, based on your own interests.

No Trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum with its extensive collection of antiquities and the Pyramids of Giza – located just 15 km away in Giza.

Imagine a “personalized” tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, delivered by a qualified Egyptologist tour guide who carefully answers questions and takes the time to explain Egypt’s long and colourful past.

Imagine sitting down with a group of close friends and family to a traditional Middle Eastern meal in the world famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar, along with your tour guide who is able to recommend the best dishes; act as translator, and share some fascinating knowledge at the same time.

Finally, picture yourself and your dearest friends mounting the top steps of one of the legendary Giza pyramids to enjoy the splendid scenery spread out around you, or imagine stepping into the ancient tomb of one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs, King Tutankhamen.

Choose from the Cairo Private Tours offered by Nile Holiday, but feel free to suggest alternative places and activities. Your private tour can be customized by your personal guide to include exactly what you want to see and do in Cairo.

Whether you want to modify a bespoke tour package or have an itinerary built from scratch, our local travel specialists can create your ideal trip. In addition to many benefits when you book with Nile Holiday — booking handpicked cruises & hotels, flights, transportation, excursions and more — Egypt Custom Tours offer a personalized experience. You decide where to visit, how long to spend? How many people? In addition, what type of accommodation suits you best.

Want it exactly your way? We can help you create 100 % tailor-made holidays to Egypt & perfect Custom Trip To Egypt. No need to compare travel agents — we’ll match you with the best options. Get your free Quote Now!

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