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Museums are an integral part of Cairo. With every walk-in every corner, a museum starts breathing and history of Egypt comes back to life. We have at least 8 infamous museums in Cairo and each museum must be seething quietly to be unleashed to take the world into its web. The remarkable part is only a few of these have been able to grace the tourist heart and mind, but the rests are equally exceptional.

List Of Museums In Cairo

We have brought 7 most remarkable and sought after Museums In Cairo only:

Egyptian Museum:

The most sought after the museum of Cairo, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities otherwise known as the Museum Of Cairo is the resting place of Ancient Egypt’s golden moments. The most collected and restored artefacts are

  • Tutankhamon’s Treasures,
  • Pre Dynasty and Old Kingdom Monuments,
  • First intermediate period and the Middle Kingdom Monuments
  • Monuments of the Modern Kingdom,
  • Monuments of the late period and Greek & Roman periods,
  • Coins and Papyrus,
  • Sarcophagi and Scarabs

Out of which hall of royal mummies is the most beguiling and fascinating as it is known to house at least eleven kings and queens with 3500 showpieces not to mention golden statues of King Tutankhamun, statue of King Akhenaten, Ushabti statues that belonged to the Nubian kings, mummy of a child and the small polychrome glass vase that has their own story to tell.

Coptic Museum

The heart of Coptic Cairo has the highest collection of Egypt’s Christian era artefacts and artworks. Located in the fortress of Babylon, these artworks show the artistic development of the Copts was influenced by the pharaonic, Graeco-Roman and Islamic cultures.  The serenity of this ancient museum followed by heartwarming gardens and all house over some 16,000 showpieces are some of the best-restored stonework, woodwork, metalwork, textiles and manuscripts.

Gayer-Anderson Museum

Gayer-Anderson Museum is located in Islamic Cairo, Gayer Anderson built his house on the Gabel Yeshkur where Noah’s Ark rested after the flood and is known for its fascinating history and mystical surroundings. As a self-proclaimed Orientalist, Gayer-Anderson filled his residence with beautiful pieces from a number of eras and cultures. It is now one of the best-preserved domestic architecture with a vast collection of furniture, carpets, curio, and other objects. However, the architecture is phenomenal in itself. The house is divided into two halves:

Haramlik, the family residence

  • Qa’a (main reception room)
  • Service Room
  • The Khazna(safe- room)
  • The Harem
  • Makhba(Secret chamber)
  • The Main Stairs
  • Reading and Writing Rooms
  • The Roof Garden
  • The Persian Room
  • The Byzantine (bridge room)
  • The Ancient Egyptian Room
  • The Mohamed Ali Room
  • The Damascus Room

Salamlik, also known as the guest-house –

  • The Courtyard
  • The Maq’ad (Reception Room)

And has five main entrances –

  • One for ladies,
  • A sebil,
  • Entrance through the garden
  • Two doors of honour
Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo

The museum was established to preserve the best of Islamic artefacts, artworks, and display it to the world. And so became the most exclusive museum with many extraordinary collections of artefacts. It houses around 100,000 showpieces where 4500 showpieces have been shown in 25 halls. With 2 entrances, a garden with a fountain makes the outer display of the museum entrancing. However, only the lower floor is open for display and most of the pieces are kept in the basement area where most of the restoration work is done.

Egyptian National Military Museum

Placed inside Cairo citadel, the museum is about the Egypt army. Originally the palace was built by Mohammed Pasha, overlooking Mukattam hills but was moved to Garden city and is an exceptionally preserved collection. You will find many halls denoting many army significance. Such as:

  • Egyptian Military Glory Hall
  • Egyptian Military customs Hall
  • Egyptian Artillery Hall
  • Armament Hall
  • Pharaonic Militaria Hall
  • Islamic Militaria Hall
  • Ottoman and Mohamed Ali Pasha Militaria Hall
  • Egyptian Martyrs Hall
  • And so on..
Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art

The museum for contemporary art is also called Gezira Center for Modern Art houses over 10000 paintings and figurines that shows artworks of some infamous Egyptian artists such as Mahmoud Sa’id, Ragheb Ayad, Mohammed Naghi, Gazbia Sirry, Inji Eflatoun, Tahia Halim, Abdel Hadi el-Gazzar and Ahmed Morsi not to mention works of Ibrahim Mohammed Khalil, the leading artist and innovator of Modern Egypt art.

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization NEMC

The spacious museum in the city of Fustat, displays widely over 50000 artefacts representing various prehistoric Egyptian civilisation. This new museum has created a lot of anticipation over the years and is now one of the fascinating museums that Cairo is proud to offer.

Royal Museums

Like Gayer Anderson Museum, many Islamic palaces have restored the architecture and fine pieces to display the ever-loving Egypt visitors. Such as:

  • Manial Palace Museum,

  • Abdeen Palace Museum,

  • Royal Chariots Museum,

  • El Gawhara (Jewel) Palace Museum,

  • El Amir Taz Palace,

  • Bayt Al-Suhaymi

Other Remarkable Museums

But Cairo does not stop with its show-off. It has many more in its treasure box such as:

  • Ahmed Shawki Museum,

  • Memphis Museum,

  • Foustat Traditional Crafts Center,

  • House of the People Beit El-Umma Museum,

  • El Kharazaty,

  • Mit Rahina Museum,

  • National Geographic Society Museum,

  • Umm Kolthoum Museum

  • And so on..

Let’s discover these treasure troves of Cairo Museum today. NILE HOLIDAY is ever ready to take you on this enchanting and enthralling journey into Egypt…

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