Coptic Cairo

The heart of Old Cairo which encompasses the Christian era of Egypt will give you the colourful impression of Egypt’s history. Even though most of the churches reside in Coptic Cairo not all of them were built during the Coptic era.

List of Coptic Cairo Attractions

The most intrinsic and heart throbbing attractions of Coptic Cairo that draws the world like a moth to a flame are:

Babylon Fortress

Next to Coptic Museum, across the Nile River, Romans built the fortress city Babylon. Within the enclosure of the fortress, 6 Coptic churches, a convent and a museum were included and later many others were built. However, every month, the fort was enlightened with candles and is called Qasr el Shamee or the candles palace. The place lost its charm when Islam invaded Egypt and established themselves around the 7th century.

The Hanging Church(Mu’allaqa)

Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the antiquated buildings named due to its location with nave suspended above the passage. On the gate of old Babylon fortress, the church has a wooden top in the shape of Noah’s ark. Due to its proximity to the resting place of Noah’s boat, the place does have millions of significance. Not to mention many reported to evidenced apparitions of Mary. Apart from million and one mystique surrounding the place, it houses 110 iconic figures in the three sanctuaries along with the main church that draws many tourists worldwide.

Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church

Another antiquated church, called Abu Serga is traditionally believed to be resting place of Joseph, Mary and infant Jesus. The significance of the church is revered in all over Christian society globally. However, the church is named after the soldier-saints Sergius and Bachhas who died at the hands of Emperor Maximian.

St. George Church and Monastery

The warrior-saint George is well known among the Christian patrons, likewise, in Egypt, he was carved riding Arabian horse with spear in hand ready to slay dragons and whatnot. The monastery is now a safe haven for many religious women and the chapel is evidenced with many historic and artistic artefacts which is why people love to visit this traditional and revered church. Even now, Copts and Muslims visit the Shrine of the Chains of Saint George in the Convent on Fridays and Sundays. To say, it is one of the most unadulterated ground won’t be a blunder at all.

Ben Ezra Synagogue

The ruins of old Roman walls that surrounded ancient Babylon city tells the story of its origin which was dated back from Persians rule during the Dynasty era. However, Romans took over and by the time Muslim conquest over Egypt, there was 2 entrance points to the fort – One by Hanging church and other by Coptic Museum.

The Alluring Coptic Museum

The best-preserved Coptic artefacts and artwork that represent their impressions on Egypt society is well preserved in the magnificent architecture that dates back to 1910. To know more see, Cairo Museums..

Apart from these famed churches, you will find many historical sites and churches that give personality and structure to Coptic Cairo. Discover more and fill your eyes and soul with kaleidoscopic beauty of Coptic Cairo with NILE HOLIDAY tours and packages..

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