Egyptian Money

Wherever you go money talks, whoever said money can’t buy anything doesn’t know where to shop. It’s necessary to know the currency of the country you visit, to make your stay comfortable. So if you are visiting Egypt, know Egyptian Money

Egypt Currency

Egyptian Pound(EGP)/Livre Egyptienne(LE)/ Gineih
1 EGP: 100 piastres/qirsh/pt
1EGP: 1000 milliemes


Egypt Currency Breakdown


Notes: 200 LE note
100 LE note
50 LE note
20 LE note
10 LE note
5 LE note
1 LE note
Coins: 50 piastres coin
25 piastres coin

Egypt Money Exchange

There is no shortage of ATM or currency exchanges all over towns and beaches. But it will be smart to be prepared beforehand. Know you will get better rates at exchanges offices or banks rather than hotels and restaurants. Use cash than credit cards if you want to get best prices.

In Egypt, you can find 25/50 piastre notes and coins that will be easy to use than getting into more changes filled with images of Ancient Egypt Tour. However, both coins and notes are bilingual that is you will find English and Arabic. So, it is fairly easy to know the value of your coin or note.

Egypt Banks

Banks give the excellent exchange rates. However, timetables vary from major towns and cities to villages and smaller towns. They have open but different time tables. For all others:

Working hours: Sunday-Thursday (8:30-2:00)

Closed on: Friday, Saturday and most holidays


Tipping is a fair ground. It is expected to get tipped. So keep changes with you but not your own currency. Generally, people can’t change them in banks.  But if you have booked accommodations beforehand with foreign currency, use that instead of local currency. If you don’t want to get mugged or buy anything, say no or ignore them rather than listening or perusing and negotiating.

Money may not buy everything, but it certainly makes life easier, and when in foreign soil, their currency rules. NILE HOLIDAY understand these issues and will help you discover your dream Egypt with these currency troubles.

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Egyptian Money

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