Luxor Tours, Travel & Activities

Ancient Egypt’s true home, Luxor is based on Nile.  Once known as Ancient Thebes, the city holds strategic importance during Dynasty era, the time of Pharaoh and Pyramids.

Explore The Luxor Land With:

  • Luxor Air Tours:

The highlight of air tours are balloon rides. Luxor offers balloon rides but what is important is to know the conditions and parameters required for a safe ride. Never miss those details.

  • Luxor Cultural & Theme Tours:

The heritage of Luxor is intrinsic and old. Egypt tourism banks on those significance and have carefully designed cultural tours and theme tours beautifully showcase these.

  • Luxor Day Trips & Excursions:

Luxor Day Tours And Excursions, discover Luxor’s true beauty.  Most interesting and fulfilling tours are:

  • Full Day Tours To East And West Bank Of Nile
  • Day Tour To Terertari’s Tomb King Tut’s Tomb Valley Of The Kings And Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple
  • Overday-Tour To Abu Simbel From Luxor
  • Day Trip To El Kab And Edfu From Luxor
  • Luxor Outdoor Activities:

Luxor comes with so many exciting activities that make Luxor every Egypt lover’s fantasy. These Luxor Outdoor Activities are:

  • Camel Rides In Luxor
  • Visit Karnak Temple And See Light And Sound Show At Karnak
  • Explore Valley Of The Kings
  • Witness Luxor Museum
  • Visit Avenue Of Sphinxes
  • Enjoy Open Air Museum
  • Visit Tomb Of The Nobles
  • Luxor Private & Custom Tours:

Luxor offers many private shows. These shows are part of custom tours. Such as:

  • Tour To Valley Of The King Hatshepsut Temple & Colossal Statue Of Memnon In Luxor
  • Tour To Dendera And Abydos From Luxor
  • Tour To Cairo From Luxor
  • Tour To Edfu And Kom Ombo Temples
  • Luxor Shows & Concerts:

In addition to all magnificent treasures, Luxor adds shows and concert to them to weave Luxor spell around and capture every beating heart.

  • Luxor Sightseeing Tours:

Luxor Sightseeing Tours are designed to bedazzle you and show you the kaleidoscope of Luxor at best.

  • Luxor Transfers:

Luxor can be reached through land, water and air. Know every option available and choose whatever option suits you best.

  • Luxor Shore Excursions:

Situated on banks of Nile, Luxor offers shores excursions too. These shore excursions cover a lot of attractions. Such as:

  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Tombs of the Nobles
  • Luxor Museum
  • Ramesseum
  • Mortuary Temple of Seti I
  • Luxor Top Attractions:

However, the attractions that bring Luxor to the forefront of Egypt holiday are:

  • Valley Of The Kings
  • Medinat Habu
  • Tomb Of Ramses VI
  • Colossi Of Memnon
  • Valley Of Nobles
  • Valley Of Queens
  • Tombs Of Nobles
  • Esna

Explore Luxor Tours, Travel & Activities and let NILE HOLIDAY  make you Egypt Holiday memorable..

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