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Luxor has a landscape you will never have witnessed in your lifetime. The sunrise creates a panoramic view of the unusual architecture of Hatshepsut Temple carved entirely on the face of a cliff. The massive Memnon statues, Ramessum temple, MedientHabu temple, Deir El Medina and The Nile River blend into a spectacular landscape.

World’s greatest open-air museum, Luxor has ruins of temple complexes to decorate the city. The tourism development department aims to transform Luxor into the largest open-air museum. The plan envisions better roads, five-star hotels, glitzy shops, and an IMAX theatre that supposedly will be a meal to your eyes.

Climatic Conditions For Air Tours:
  • Luxor days have plenty of sunshine and are warm all year round. When the wind gusts in Luxor, it blows with short, intense, abrupt rushes. Gusty winds blow at speed 13-18kmph. It makes Luxor a suitable spot for hot air balloons.
  • A Luxor hot air balloon ride over the King’s Valleys is a must for anyone visiting Egypt. Looking down at the land of ancient Pharaohs from the heavens is worth seeing. The view from the hot air balloon is grand.
  • Every person’s bucket list has to have sightseeing of the Valley of Kings from a hot air balloon. A one-hour flight can have you soaring over famous ancient structures of Egypt.
Ride Itinerary And Path:
  • The hot air balloons drift over the Nile River, through the clustered valleys. The scattered temples built by the Pharaohs, their tombs and statues are a part of a beautiful, heavenly world. The historical monuments are bound to leave you breathless. Watching the beautiful Nile water valleys is an activity not to be missed.
  • The balloon will also give you an enjoyable ride to the West Bank. When visiting the West Bank, you can enjoy soft drinks before taking a motorboat back to the West Bank. On the banks, you can take off to the area of hot and cold balloon inflations. You can view the biggest open-air museum of Luxor from the hot air balloon once it is ready to take off.
  • Usual hot air balloon rides last for around 40 minutes and are available every day.
Hot Air Balloon Categories:

Luxor Hot Air Balloon Rides are available in different categories:

  • Standard flights: In Luxor, the flights are permitted for 4 hours only which begins from sunrise to two hours later.
  • Deluxe flights: If you want to have privacy, you have deluxe balloon flights as an option, which is a comparatively smaller balloon and allows you to enjoy your space.
  • Exclusive flights: You can enjoy a luxurious ride on an exclusive hot air balloon in the extraordinary landscape. You are served multiple facilities for full relaxation.

Full insurance given for rides assures the safety of tourists. Tourists enjoy a celebrated landing after every tour. The flight certificates make you feel like a proud achiever. For your once in a Lifetime Air Balloon Ride over the Luxor city call us or visit our website.

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