Luxor Outdoor Activities

If you are looking for Outdoor Activities In Luxor, there are plenty. You will meet local villagers and visitors of all age groups. Luxor has a comprehensive list of outdoor activities. From sunrise to sunset, you can explore through valleys and museums, and tombs and chapels for a complete informative package with fun camel rides.

Camel Rides In Luxor

You can enjoy riding camels behind the Theban hills over to the West bank of the Nile seeing the beautiful sunset. Camels go along the river through the Luxor gardens. You need not worry even if you haven’t been on a camel before. The camels might look tall and dangerous, are rather easy to ride on. You can enjoy the camel rides over the west banks after ferry costing.

Karnak Temple

The Karnak Temple situated along the banks of the Nile River has jaw-dropping views. It is everything you can imagine. The temple dedicated to the Egyptian Gods Amun, Mut and Khonsu, spreads over some 200 acres. With designated areas for each of the three Gods, the vast temple premises host a large number of small temples and statues. The statues prevail with symbols and illusions.

Valley Of The Kings

  • You will come across the afterlife concept when you look into Egyptology. It was the main reason for exact and precise mummification process. The burial ground of all the Pharaohs and Kings of New Egypt, the Valley of the Kings has possessions of the kings buried along with them for their afterlife.
  • The murals lining the walls and the embellishments on the actual coffins and caskets differentiate the 63 tombs from each other.

Luxor Museum

Much smaller than the museum in Cairo, but spectacular, the Luxor Museum, is made up of small blocks as in the Karnak Temple. A tableau made from recycled rubbles the museum is a must-see. The main highlight includes the statue of Amenhotep III from the Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Avenue Of Sphinxes

The site of commercial processions, Avenue of Sphinxes, located between Karnak temple and Luxor temple belongs to 380 BC. The avenue is 2.7kms long and has 1350 sphinxes lined in the sides. Most famous among the lot is the Great Sphinx at Giza with cat-like features.

Light And Sound Show At Karnak

The light and sound show display the historical journey of the pharaohs, their lifestyles and possessions. It also shows the history of Thebes in Hollywood style.

Open Air Museum

Situated in the extreme north-west corner of the Precinct of Amon-Re, the museum is a reconstructed structure of a demolished dynasty. Stone collections, statues and shrines are not to be missed.

Tomb Of The Nobles

Scattered on the rocky hills on the West Bank of Luxor, the Tomb of the Nobles, was the burial ground of foremen, priests, soldiers, officials and princes. The valley has more than 400 tombs. The beautifully decorated frescoes depicted the life of the nobles. Popular ones include the Tomb of Sennofer and mayor of modern-day Luxor.

The sunrise creates a panoramic view of the unusual architecture of Hatshepsut Temple carved entirely on the face of a cliff. Luxor Outdoor Activities will have witnessed in your lifetime experience .For your exciting Luxor Tour visit our website

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