Luxor Shore Excursions

Experience the unusual Egypt and Temples of Karnak and Temples Of Luxor on a private Luxor Shore Excursion from Luxor port, enjoy visiting the most wonderful sight-seeing. Discover the Karnak Open Air Museum and the second most visited historical site in Egypt.

Only the largest of the four main parts of the shore is currently open to the general visitors.

What to expect in your Luxor shore excursion?

After reaching the port, start your shore excursion at the Temples of Karnak on Luxor’s east bank of the Nile River. Visit the historic city which is enriched with Ancient Tombs and Temples, start your Luxor Shore Excursions by visiting Karnak Temple, continue your Luxor tours to see the Temple Of Luxor and more.

Top Sights To Explore In Luxor Shore Excursions –

Colossi of Memnon

Between the two historic place Valley of the Queens and Medinet Habu towards the Nile, there are well-known huge statues known as the Colossi of Memnon. The yellowish-brown stonework up on the Edfu hills represents Amenophis III seated on a cube-shaped throne, with scanty traces of a standing guard on the entrance to the King’s Temple.

Tombs of the Nobles

If you think you did not have enough of tombs in the Valley of the Kings then make way to the Tombs of the Nobles, less famed, but includes better-preserved examples of tomb paintings. The burial grounds contain around 400 tombs belonging to several dignitaries dating back to the 6th dynasty right up to the Ptolemaic era. The tomb paintings here are not so related to guiding the dead into the afterlife; instead, the tombs showcase scenes from the daily life of the dwellers. The Tomb of Khonsu, Tomb of Benia, Tomb of Menna, and Tomb of Nakht have some of Egypt’s most expressive and exuberant tomb paintings.

Luxor Museum

The Luxor Museum considered to be one of the museums depicting Egypt, holds a beautifully exhibited collection from the local area that narrates the ancient Theban story from the Old Kingdom during the Islamic Period. The prized possessions of the museum are the two Royal Mummies of Ahmose I and what is believed to be Ramses I.


The mortuary synagogue built by Ramses II, dedicated to Amun lies on the edge of the cultivated land, around one-and-a-half kilometres south of Deir el-Bahri. Although only about half of the original structure survives, it is still a highly impressive monument.

Mortuary Temple of Seti I

The Mortuary Temple of Seti I left undone by Seti I was re-decorated by Ramses II with added reliefs and wall inscriptions, which compete in quality with the old, contemporary works at Abydos. The temple was originally 158 meters long. However, all that remains now is the sanctuary with its numerous halls and chambers and few scanty fragments of the courts and pylons scattered over the place.

Luxor shores are an abode of cultural and heritage souvenirs. Visit the place for an amazing trip.

Your personal guide from Nile Holiday invites you to choose from the Private Luxor Tours offered, but feel free to suggest alternatives for your private tour of the Luxor area. Your personal guide can customize your private tour to include exactly what you want.

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