Aswan is one of the major Ancient Egypt wonder but is the smallest and unspoilt of other Egypt Destinations. By making High Dam on Nile River, Aswan City has captured the tranquillity of Nile River beautifully. Below given list of Aswan Tours, Travel & Activities only on Egypt Tour more comfortable and intriguing.

Aswan Air Tours:

This will help you find your way into Aswan Air Tours saving both time and giving you unobstructed view of the picturesque land. Witness the aerial beauty of Aswan that is second to none.

Aswan Cruises & Water Tours:

These brilliant methods are nothing new. Aswan and the surrounding islands deserve water tours. Being on the bank of Nile, do opens a lot of scope to draw tourist over and over.

Aswan Day Trips & Excursions:

The Aswan Day Trips & Excursions is a great way to explore the islands and historical sites thoroughly and freely. Let your guide give you the detail account of every piece of history lurking here.

Aswan Outdoor Activities:

Explore and enjoy sightseeing activities of Aswan that comes in Aswan Outdoor Activities. These are:

  • Sightseeing tour to Abu Simbel
  • Enjoy a visit to Philae Temple Sound and Light Show
  • Explore sites like St Simeon’s Monastery
  • Get a Boat Tour to Soheil Island
  • Ride a Felucca and see Aswan Botanic Gardens
  • Visit Kalabsha Temple on Lake Nasser

Aswan Private & Custom Tours:

You can also enjoy Aswan Private And Custom Tours while you are in Aswan. These tours are mostly custom tours. Such as:

  • Tour to High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk & Philae Temple
  • Tour to Luxor from Aswan
  • Trip to Nubian Village
  • Nile Cruise from Aswan

Aswan Shows & Concerts:

The most intriguing thing about Aswan Shows And Concerts here. They show Aswan in a different light. Enhance its mystic to thousand folds. Such as:

  • Philae Light Show
  • Palace of Culture
  • Private Concerts

Aswan Transfers:

Aswan Transfer shed light on how to get to Aswan through Air, Land and Water. Best thing is you can reach Aswan any way you want.

Aswan Top Attractions:

In Aswan Top Attractions is a part of Egypt Tours where we tell you about the point of interest that distinguish Aswan and make it popular. They are:

  • Aswan High Dam
  • Simeon Monastery
  • Aswan Botanical Garden
  • The Unfinished Obelisk
  • Tombs of Nobles

Let your hair down and enjoy Nile’s beauty with Aswan. NILE HOLIDAY has every Aswan Tours, Travel & Activities on schedule for you..

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