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Tourists in Luxor witness the most incredible Sound and Light Show of Egypt at the Karnak Temple which also includes a round trip transport service. The 2-hour experience of the show leaves a permanent imprint in your vacation diaries.

The Karnak Light And Sound Show In Luxor

The world-famous show begins with a beautiful walk through the illuminated temple buildings. The haunting commentary, voices and the classical music that follows enhance your knowledge about the temple history as you move through the temple halls and chambers.

Show Layout

As you settle down by the sacred lake and soak up the magical atmosphere consisting of all the rainbow-coloured lasers, the dramatic projections illuminate the temple. The lights bring up the fascinating Theban story and the pharaohs’ stunning life.

Your enchanting tour to one of Egypt’s finest outdoor spectacles at the Karnak temple completes only after the light and sound show every night.

The history of the Great Egyptian Pharaohs and the 18th and 19th dynasties are displayed with dramatic sound and light effects.

The walk through the dark temples and the sacred lake, with ancient history being played in the background is awe-inspiring.

Parts Of The Show

The live show is fragmented into three stops.

  • The first stop, at the main gate of the Karnak Temple, informs you all about the holy triad of Luxor.
  • The second stop at the open food court of The god Amun Ra Temple plays the voices of ancient Egyptian Kings.
  • The third stop is the columnar hall with 134 columns which brings you to the climax of the show.

Show Itinerary

There are seats in front of the sacred lake for visitors to settle down and listen to the narration and the last part of the stories of all the ancient Egyptian gods, Kings and Queens.

The show uses ancient, poetic voices that narrate the visitors all about the birth of the Karnak temple, the pharaohs and their god Amun and the heroic achievements of the different dynasties.

The Luxor Shows And Concert is truly an enchanting and supernatural experience when you listen to the sound effects and gaze into the magnificent ruins that illuminate the well-presented temple and lake. To book your light and sound show contact us @ (+20) 100 002 7316,.

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