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Are you looking to tour Luxor or to plan Luxor Sightseeing Tours? An extraordinary place, Luxor has the world’s largest open-air museum. The setting of the city is breathtakingly beautiful. The Nile River flows between the modern city and the west-bank necropolis. Backed by the enigmatic Theban escarpment the city has scattered landscapes.

The natural beauty of the Theban Mountains and the Nile River makes Luxor an obligatory stop for the cultural tourists. The wealth of artefacts is significant income channels in Luxor.

From The Temples In The East To The Tombs On The Western Bank, The Place Is Full Of Riches.

  • Sunrise and sunsets on the banks create a panoramic view.
  • Tourists come across antiquities and monuments from the Pharaonic dynasties in addition to later Roman, Coptic and Islamic periods.
  • The king’s valley, Queen’s Valley and the tombs of Nobles are among Luxor’s main landmarks.
  • The mild, dry, sunny weather in the river valley offers outstanding scenery for all type of tourists.
  • Luxor, the ground to masterpieces like the Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple, the most imposing Pharaonic temple of all Egypt, and the Luxor Temple represent the finest civilizations and cultural achievements of ancient Egyptians. Luxor has always fascinated travellers from all over the world.

Luxor’s Unique Cultural Heritage Continues To Attract Global Visitors In Growing Numbers.

  • Heritage is the broad concept that includes both cultural and natural environments of Luxor. The cultural heritage owned by the city described by artefacts, monuments, historical remains, architecture, traditions, celebrations, historic events, and folklore build a rich Luxor background.
  • The history of Luxor is also the history of international Egyptian Tourism. The expansion in the Luxor tourism market also marked the exposure of Egypt to the world. Once a village, Luxor has continued its mass growth in tourism.
  • The designs of new buildings, cultural sites and transport have maximized potential tourism in Luxor.
  • The natural beauty of the sites safe from human-made intrusion maintains the integrity of Luxor’s culture.

One Of The Wealthiest Cities, Luxor Is Unlike The Rest Of Egypt.

You will never face difficulties going through the cultural heritage of Luxor. It is because a large proportion of the Luxor local population works directly or indirectly in the tourism industry, forever ready to help you.

Tourists flock all year round to see the Luxor’s rich cultures preserved in the mountains. The environment is inviting, homely and informative. For your Luxor Sightseeing Tours, visit our website @ NILE HOLIDAY

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