Luxor Sightseeing Tours
Luxor Sightseeing Tours

A culture and historical harmonized city famed for hosting the oldest sites of Egypt. Luxor is a composite of museums and monuments topped with picturesque art crafts that will captivate you, you’ll surely want to take some home especially the Alabaster stone craft. Luxor Sightseeing Tours include Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Luxor Temple, Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Queens, Deir el-bahari, Luxor museum and lots more.

Book these Sightseeing Tours in Luxor for a glimpse of paradise as you soak up the charm of this greatest world open air museum. Also with these sightseeing tours you will enjoy certain benefits like a professional guide, audio or live commentary feed, skip-the-line opportunity, proper city intro, reduction in cost for family or group and a fabulous city opening for the newly visiting guests.

Luxor Attractions:

Luxor is known for its sheer wealth of temples and tombs. There’s no better place in Egypt that can make you stop for days and easily lose yourself in the wonders of the ancient world. The Temple Complex of Karnak is considered one of the must-see attractions in Luxor. Inside its regions is the Great Temple of Amun, the Temple of Khons, and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III, in addition to many other buildings. You can also have a trip to the famous Valley of the Kings which is known for its amazingly bright wall paintings.

As one of Egypt’s most prominent cities, Luxor really has a lot to offer travelers including visiting attractions, exploring shopping districts, walking through the beautiful streets and neighborhoods of the city on Luxor walking tours, and many more. In addition to this, the markets and food regions of the city are top-notch which you shouldn’t miss when picking your sightseeing tours, they are well-arranged in lists of Luxor food tours for you to book at your own preference.

Find a simplified travel guide to the Top Luxor Attractions and Top Things To See And Do In Luxor city in Upper Egypt what is the best historical places to visit in Luxor and the top Activities in Luxor.

But do you know that the towns and towns surrounding Luxor also have plenty of attractions that will entertain you individually or the whole family/group? All you have to do is to book your Day Trips From Luxor after exploring Outdoor Activities In Luxor and you’ll have the best of adventures from the city center to destinations like Temple of Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Banana Island, Temple of Deir el-Bahri, Medinat Hebu, Tombs of the Nobles, and many more. To have the Best Sightseeing Tours in Luxor, Nile Holiday is an expert in comparing prices from top suppliers and checking customers’ reviews just to give you the best you seek.

If you are planning a Trip to Luxor, Nile Holiday is going to help you book the best Luxor Tour Packages. You don’t need to worry about the accommodation, places to visit, trips or even markets to buy souvenirs from. We are offering you some of the top luxurious experiences.

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