Hurghada Top Attractions
Hurghada Top Attractions

Egypt’s most happening Red Sea treasure trove, well known for its nerve-wracking wreck sites, heart-stealing beaches, and adventure sports like scuba diving and deep-sea fishing.

Here are some top listed attraction points; you ought not to miss in your Trip To Hurghada:

Islands And Beaches:

Hurghada is a Red Sea darling with so many beautiful and exotic coasts and islands that you will be spoiled for choice. On top of those are:

  • Giftun Islands
  • Mahamya Islands
  • Hurghada Marina
  • Magawish Islands
  • Makadi Bay
  • El Gouna
  • Sheraton Beach
  • Orange Bay
  • Soma Bay
  • Sahl Hasheesh Beach
  • Old Vic Beach Hurghada
  • Sharm El Naga
  • And so on..

Cultural Attractions:

Hurghada also brings Eastern desert hidden treasures to the forefront. With it, the history and its intriguing landmarks such as:

  • Al Mina Mosque
  • Arrival Piazza
  • Old Town
  • Habiba Horse
  • El Dahar
  • Shenouda Cathedral
  • Anfish Mountains
  • Amthony Monastery
  • Paul Monastery
  • Mons Claudianus
  • Mons Porphyrites
  • And so on..

Wreck Sites:

The best part of Hurghada that every tourist loves to explore is its Red Sea treasures such as bone-chilling wreck sites. Histories of shipwrecks and their remains make them such a temptation, that every sailing and scuba diving adventure becomes an obvious sport. The most sought after wreck sites are:

  • Abu Nuhas Wrecks
  • Rosalie Moller Wreck
  • Giannis D
  • Carnatic Wreck
  • Chrisoula K. Wreck
  • Kimon M. Wreck
  • Salem Express Wreck
  • Dolphin Reef
  • And so on..

Parks & Museum:

With so many attraction and adventures, there is hardly any time left. But make more time. Because that’s not all Hurghada has to offers. The list of many more exciting parks and museums are living proof of that. Enjoy them. They are:

  • Hurghada Grand Aquarium
  • Dolphin World
  • Sand City Hurghada
  • Mini Egypt
  • Makadi Bay Water World
  • Sliders Cable Park
  • FunFly Watersports
  • Falco Safari
  • Selkhet Papyrus
  • Red Sea Aquarium
  • Boneh Elfayrouz
  • El Gouna Museum
  • Hurghada Marine Museum & Aquarium
  • Kite Family
  • And so on..

Among all these, NILE HOLIDAY brings you a little more details of Giftun Islands, Mahamya Islands and Hurghada Marina. Enjoy Hurghada Top Attractions with us.

Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina one of the modern addition to the central district of Sigala and this place is town’s major dining destination. Hurghada Marina is an

The Mahmya Island is an eco-tourism haven bordered by fresh blue waters expecting exploration and a white sandy beach welcoming tired tourist. Supplemented by delicious

Snorkelling Tour into the charming beauty of the underwater world in the Red Sea is the major attraction of the Giftun Islands. Get yourself absorbed

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Hurghada Top Attractions

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