Hurghada Sightseeing Tours
Hurghada Sightseeing Tours

Just as pleasing the people are, the scenery and the beauty of Hurghada is none to be missed too. White sands, clear water, fascinating sounds of the birds; Hurghada Sightseeing Tours takes a part of your heart and keeps it their forever. Parks, beaches, restaurants, aquariums; all queues up to let people have a delight journey among the silence of the desert.

Hurghada Marina

The town’s major eating and partying hub, Marina lights up the night as if the sun never sets. With towns of cafes, restaurants and eateries, the place fills up your eyes as well as the stomach.

Straits of Gubal

The most popular of the diving sites, Straits of Gubal offers an unique experience of coming close with a shipwreck, The Thistlegorm, as close as it gets. The rainbow colored fishes wash up to the face to give a feeling of friendliness.

Giftun Islands

Calm, peaceful and beautiful; these totally sums up Giftun Islands to its fullest. Boat excursions and snorkeling are the main attractions of the place with diving being an added bonus. The clear water makes it easily available for the fishes to be seen with the naked eye.

Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site

Also called “The Aquarium”, Gota Abu Ramada is a pretty dive site with different shades of marine life exploiting the waters. Triggerfish, lionfish and clownfish “Nemo” are the highlights among the astonishing variety of creatures found.

Mini Egypt Park

You can find the Pyramids, the Nile and also the Phoenix inside this Park, all but in their minimal avatar. An open air park with monuments scaled up to 1:25 of their size, it has become a popular place among the children and the grown-ups alike. The Park manages to combine the whole of Egypt with busy-ness of the crowd.

Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites

As the name suggests it, this place lets you explore the dead; well, the dead ships. With five shipwrecks to explore, it is a great place to submerge into the sea. A UK cargo ship, The Carnatic, is the main attraction of the place being home to flourishing coral and abundant fish life. Other main attractions are the Greek ship Chrisoula K and the German ship Kimon M.

Astronomical Nights

With the sea at your feet, the desert keeping an eye behind you and the melody of the waves, what better way to enjoy the night other than a clear sky full of stars. It is the kind of view that dreams are made up of. One might get lost among the stars or think himself to be one; that’s how mesmerizing this view is.

The view of the sea which is always extra-ordinary to look at, with Hurghada is the place to visit for its serenity and vibrating nature at the same time. For an extravagantly exciting Hurghada Sightseeing Tours, visit our website @ Nile Holiday

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