Giftun Islands

Snorkelling Tour into the charming beauty of the underwater world in the Red Sea is the major attraction of the Giftun Islands. Get yourself absorbed in the rich submarine habitat of Hurghada Tours.

Discovering The Rich Islands:

  • Discover a paradise lined with spectacular coral reefs on your snorkelling trips in the island.
  • The scenic boat views of the Red Sea are not to be missed moments on your trip. Spotting brilliantly coloured fishes and bright corals is always a beautiful meal to the eyes.
  • Dolphins are other creative creatures on the island shores. Soak up the Egyptian sunshine on the shady beaches of the island.

Snorkelling With Dolphins:

  • Venture far into the Red Sea searching for dolphin pods.
  • Searching for dolphins when you explore the underwater world, you see densely populated marine life including vibrant corals and tropical fish.
  • Snorkelling with dolphins in the Red Sea is a full day boating excursion.
  • Enjoy your lunch with the dolphins on the beaches.


Diving is one great watersport available on the Giftun Islands. The island is a suitable dive spot for many reasons.

  • Clustered coral reefs in turquoise waters of the Red Sea
  • Tidal shores
  • Suitably extended dive safaris and liveaboards

Tourism In Egypt provide the Best Thing To Do In Egypt as this diverse and incredible … you visit Egypt to learn about its culture, history, landmarks, and more.

For your amazing, fun-loving, watery trip to Giftun Islands, contact us @ (+20) 100 002 7316,

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