Hurghada Shore Excursions
Hurghada Shore Excursions

With the desert in the back and the Red Sea to look in front to, Hurghada is one of the best Shore Destinations Of Egypt. Originally a fishing village, the area has gone over a transition from a pretty village to the most sought after sight after the Pyramids. Plenty of recreational activities are available in the place and owing to the calm waters, scuba diving is done best here. A visit to the place would mean a great interaction with a wide variety of fishes and tourists from all over the world.

Hurghada Shore and Resorts:

Stretching for about 36 kilometers along the seashore, Hurghada Shore Excursion is divided into 5 major parts:

  • El Ahia and El Halal – the northern part which is mostly free from all kinds of crowds and hotels; perfect for a walk of solitude.
  • El Dahar – also known as the Downtown, the place showcases how the place was like in the early days. With native people bringing up the bazaar in transition to the modern outlook, everything here is within fair prices and the warmth of the people gets to you in no time.
  • Sekalla – the city center with buzzing nightlife and atmosphere, it is the place to dance the night away.
  • El Kawsar– the modern part; you will find most of the renowned hotels and restaurants in this area. El Kawthar Hotel is the most famous eatery with Agra Roma providing people with Indian and Continental dishes.
  • El Memsha – a pedestrian road stretching over 4km, the place boasts of great landscape that needs you to stop and take a look at it.

Things To Do In Hurghada :

Fishing, being decreasing exponentially, makes way for the fishes that inhibit the water. This beautifies the scuba diving experience that is one of the best in the world. The Red Sea housing the largest coral reefs, adds to the much-diversified marine life. The calmness of the water of the Red Sea makes The Breakers, 500 meters off the Hurghada shore, to have the best snorkeling experience.  Mini Egypt Park combines the best of Egypt and presents it in the form of a Park. With visuals so mesmerizing, Hurghada Tour is sure to capture anyone’s heart.

Flora And Fauna In Hurghada:

The Red Sea provides most of the fishes that are visible in the area; reason enough why it was a fishing village. Flamingoes, pigeons and doves are all there to be seen. The sea has its share of experiences with sharks and dolphins alike. The deserts checks for the oncoming of wild animals, making it the mostly peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Combine adventure with dramatic desert scenery as you take Hurghada Shore Excursion. Contact us @ (+20) 100 002 7316, to get the real excursion on the landscape of Egypt!

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