Mahmaya Island

The Mahmya Island is an eco-tourism haven bordered by fresh blue waters expecting exploration and a white sandy beach welcoming tired tourist. Supplemented by delicious food and great music, Mahmya Island is an exotic escape that changes your idea of a perfect day at the Red Sea and gives you everlasting memories of Hurghada Tours.

Hurghada Day Trips

  • A scenic sail to the Giftun Islands aboard your favourite boat enjoying the relaxing views of the Mahmya island soothes your eyes.
  • The midday snorkelling trips to the best reefs in the Red Sea exploring the magical underwater world leaves picturesque images in your mind.
  • Tourists also enjoy the variety of unconventional cuisine on Open Buffet Lunch, including a special snack for kids. Fun filled days complemented with lounging with your favourite cocktail under the palm-tree canopies chilling out to the sounds of Mahmya’s uniquely picked music builds memories of a day you will never forget.


Sunset trips on the island, with the weather boasting its calm waters and gentle sea breezes, the ideal duo for an easy-going evening on the beach are very welcoming. As the waves begin to push in and the tide rolls out, to create the magnificent view of the sun setting on the majestic peaks of the Red Sea Mountain Range is beyond description in words.

Hurghada Activities

Hurghada Water Sports like Snorkelling, Water parks for kids, Beach Volleyball, SEA SPI and Sand Soccer are family fun moments when you are vacationing in Mahmya.


  • Snorkelling is fun for people of all ages, and the family can together explore the richest sea treasures.
  • The Red Sea boasts comfortable water temperatures all year round, with superb visibility and water purity. With more than 1,000 varieties of fish, countless species of hard and soft coral and an uncommonly distinct underwater topography, the Red Sea is a spot for endless discoveries, and close sighting of animals like starfish, molluscs and nudibranch.

Sea Spi

Explore the water world as you look through the bubble-free glass base of the motor-driven yet eco-friendly watercraft, which enables a close view of the coral and aquatic life without the risk of destroying the delicate corals and other tiny creatures.

The underwater world keeps changing, so does the SEA SPI tour. It is never the same. And therefore, never miss the opportunity to explore the bright coral and exotic fish of the Red Sea.

The Mahmya Island is miniature paradise with crystal clear water, white-sand beaches, and blue lagoons. The Mahmya Island recognized for its beautiful coral scenery enhances the beauty of Hurghada Shore Excursions with turtles, eagle rays, morays, reef sharks. For your trip to the beautiful Mahmya Island visit our website Nile Holiday.

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