Hurghada Private & Custom Tours
Hurghada Private & Custom Tours

This coastal town is a dream destination. With the best food scenes, fabulous nightlife, beautiful beaches, cutting-edge art, and a buzzing commercial scene, Hurghada Private And Custom Tours has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure, explorations, fun and information.

Hurghada is a beach resort town stretching some 40km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. Its long stretch unveils some of the most exotic restaurants to spun the mesmerizing nightlife. Home to the traditional Egyptian coffee shops and marketplaces or souks as the locals call them, the old town of Hurghada is known for its ethnicity.

Water Life And Water Sports At Hurghada-

Scuba diving schools and dive shops in the modern district Sekalla serves the enchanting experience to tourist amongst whom it’s the most eminent.

Flooded with tourists courtesy the easy access to the stunning Giftun Islands and The Eastern Arabian Desert, Hurghada on Egypt’s red sea coast, is a resort town that leaves the tourists to spellbound with amazingly gorgeous coral reefs and azure, turquoise water just to perfect for windsurfers.

Hurghada Offshore Activities-

Offshore sites can be reached in the boat by day trip by Sekalla district. Hurghada has a subtropical desert climate, peaking from June to October and slightly dipping December to April.

NGOs locally are helping the town clean up its act, and the southern resort area and Sekalla’s sparkling modern marina has procured the ever magnificent sheen.

Air Tours From Hurghada-

8kms towards down south of Hurghada lies, Hurghada International Airport one of the busiest airports having great connectivity amongst the various airlines.

Hurghada International Airport has updated a new recumbent terminal which would be able to serve millions of people.

Private Road Tours Through Hurghada-

Within the city one can easily commute around on foot as the flow of traffic is safe and please carry some water along for the uninterrupted enjoyable experience.

In case booking a cab, ensure to mark landmarks which are easy tools to reach to places. In case the place is lost, asking the locals would see you reverted in the friendliest of the manner.

Hurghada has a lot of on-shore and off-shore places to visit and explore. You can enjoy an adventurous tour in and around Hurghada. Book your Hurghada Private And Custom Tour with Nile Holiday.

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