Aswan Cruises & Water Tours
Aswan Cruises & Water Tours

Being at the banks of the majestic Nile, a trip is never over without sailing and experiencing the waters. The Aswan Cruise And Water Tours aim to serve the best of the gigantic river and the places at the side of Egypt Tours.

Nile Luxor Tour

The best in business, the Luxor Tour over the Nile is what fantasies are made up of. Sail into the ancient Temples Of Philae, Temples Of Komombo, Edfu Temple, Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple. The highlights of the region are well shown on the trip with the mesmerizing sound of the Nile always at the ears. The Luxor Trip is beautified by the nightly beauty of the sky while on the cruise which is no less than a chapter straight out of the fairytale.

Soheil Island

The beauty of the time gone is highlighted by embracing the time gone; and what better way than to a solo trip to the Soheil Island on a private felucca? A beautiful experience through the cataracts of the Aswan, the visit to the island is gratified by the locals (the Nubian people) who are always host to the tourists. Add to it the beauty of a botanical garden that is far away from the hasslers of the crowded city. A perfect solo journey to embark on, Soheil Island is an unforgettable journey to the heart of the Nubian people.

Elephantine Island

Walking in the footsteps of the Soheil Island, the Trip To Elephantine Island is also a private affair with a very own felucca; but a notch higher than the former. Home to a legendary Nile river god, Isis, the island was the center of the cult that worshipped him. Now the Nubian people embrace the island with the warmth that melts the heart. The Temple Of Isis and other beautiful temples around the area keeps one occupied throughout the journey. The Egypt Tourist Attraction is the delicacies that the Nubian people provide in order to keep one going for the day. Not to be missed, the Elephantine Island is always on the list of Top Tourist Attractions In Egypt.

The beauty that Egypt Destination is proud of, the majestic river Nile is a must Egypt Tours that needs to be experienced. There goes a saying in the local, “If not the Nile, then why Egypt?”

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