Aswan Transfers
Aswan Transfers

With so many places to visit when in Aswan Transfers is a major factor while travelling to the sites. Aswan Tours has all the necessary travels for the hooks and grains of everywhere. One can use any of the following to travel. It depends upon one’s mood and wish. Wish it and Aswan is ready to fulfill.

Aswan Transfer Means Include-


  • With the availability of Aswan Air Tours trips to place near Aswan have become a few hour affairs. With many historical and fascinating places near Aswan, missing an opportunity to explore the hidden gems is not a right move. So, hop on the near flight and miss the magical view on the desert city.
  • The airport being at most half an hour ride from anywhere in the city, saying that a place is far would be wrong. The city is well connected by flight to mostly all the important cities in Egypt, namely Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor and Alexandria.


  • Being at the banks of the majestic Nile, a trip is never over without sailing and experiencing the waters. The Aswan Cruises and Water Tours aims to serve the best of the gigantic river and the places at the side of it.
  • One can get onto a ship that lets him/her sail across the different sites along the Nile or one can book a private felucca to reach the beautiful and cultural rich Soheil Island or the home of the Nile river God, Elephantine Island.


  • The Nile by the side and a vast majority of wonderful sights to look forward to, Aswan City is the perfect calm and mystic place to visit. With the dead at your mercy and the Nile to let your exploring bug crawl, Aswan blends the beauty of nature with the mystery of the humans.
  • One can hire a private car to take them anywhere they want. A few hours journey will land you at the beautiful high dam, or the mysterious unfinished obelisk or the spiritual land of Philae Temple or Abu Simbel. Or one can also Travel To Luxor in their private.


One can easily get to Aswan with the help of railways that run from the important cities of Luxor, Hurghada, Cairo and Alexandria and also other cities in Egypt. The views looking over the Nile and the desert are the types that give authors their subjects to write on. The rides are no less an adventure sort of.

Being spoilt for so many choices, one can have no complaint regarding Aswan Transfers. Take whatever and one is bound to remember the trip with such views and sites to look. Book your transfer means with us. Call us or visit our website @ Nile Holiday

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