Aswan Air Tours
Aswan Air Tours

With many historical and fascinating places near Aswan City, missing an opportunity to explore the hidden gems is not a right move. So, Aswan Air Tours will not allow to miss the magical view on the desert city. The airport being at most half an hour ride from anywhere in the city, saying that Aswan Tours is far would be wrong.

How To Reach There-

Best place to reach on a flight tour is Temple Of Abu Simbel. The place is famous for its huge temples that face the Lake Nasser; contemplating the beauty of the desert with the sooth-ness of the lake. The main attraction of all the temples there is the Great Temple of Rameses II – a human-god by his own confession – which features some great ancient architecture, too high level even in terms of today’s engineering.

Purpose Of Building The Temple

Originally the temple was built to scare off enemies by the huge size, it now attracts tourists from all over the world. The temple features four 20 metre+ statues of Rameses himself and gods Ra, Amun and Ptah. The axis of the temple is positioned in such a way that atleast once a year, the rays of the sun would penetrate the sanctuary and light up the structures at the back wall except for the statue of Ptah, the god of the underworld, who prefers to remain in the dark. The temple is also decorated by the fact that the whole temple was resituated while on the verge of getting drenched by the rising waters of the Lake Nasser.

Structure Of The Temple

The temple also boasts of a fake mountain under which the temple rests. The unique feature of the temple is the engravings related to the battle of Kadash between Rameses and Hitities.

Also present for people to see is the Temple of Hathor which is the main temple in the temple complex.


The people present there organize a light and sound show in the evening that depicts the time gone in various languages.

Embark Aswan Air Tours that features spirituality, adventure and bravery of the people of the desert. Visit the Egyptian Temple to learn all about the Egyptian beliefs and festivities. Visit our website to book your Aswan Tour.

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