Aswan Shows & Concerts
Aswan Shows & Concerts

Aswan itself is a great place to indulge in the best of everything. Located just beside the mighty river Nile, the place boasts itself with sites so beautiful and wondrous that it will leave a lasting impression on whoever visits it. The beautiful Nile, the bustling city and the serene escapades make it up for the city called Aswan.

One of the many attractions of the cities includes the night Shows And Concerts that happen all very often. A check-up with the timings and one is lucky enough to catch a mesmerizing with the warmth of a specialty. Aswan Shows and Concerts include:

Philae Light Show:

Just a few hours ride from the main city would make one drop at the Philae Temples. An iconic place surrounded by eccentric volcanic mountains, the Philae Temple is already a must visit place. Add to it the beautiful color floodlights and amazing sounds, what you get in pure beauty. The illuminated volcanic rocks and water gives a magically beautiful environment to the Temple.
Walking through the temple with the well-timed lights makes one feel like walking through time. The history of the Egypt Temples are beautifully rendered through the show. One is sure to be mesmerized by the beauty of the lights.

Palace of Culture

Visiting Aswan City during the winter breaks should note this down. The Egyptian version of bamboo dance is timely performed by the local folk dance troops at this time of the year. It happens only in the Palace of Culture and hence, a good amount of people show up at the concerts. An evening of folk songs and dance build up a Concert Of Culture.

Private Concerts

Many private ships and hotels spread through Aswan have their own recreational fun. They tend to offer concerts and shows performed by many known local/international musicians all year around. One is sure enough to find someone performing a song anytime of the year.

Aswan is great artistically as well as culturally. Excerpts from the shows are a proof of its rich heritage. Aswan Shows And Concerts are the most interesting ways to enhance your knowledge about Ancient Egypt Sites. Book your show ticket with us.

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