Valley of the Queens
Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens at the southern edge of the Theban hillside flaunts a minimum of 75 tombs that belonged to the royal dynasties of the 19th and 20th century. Most of the queens and the princesses and the Ramesside princes are buried in the Valley of the Queens.

Titi, Khaemwaset, Amunherkhefshef and Nefertari are the 4 tombs that are kept open for public tours and visits. Nefertari, one of the most famous tombs of the valley was recently opened in 2016, for visitor display.

Biban el-Harim, Biban el-Sultanate, and Wadi el-Melikat are few other names given to the valley of queens by the locals in the area. Located in Egypt where the wives of the Pharaohs were buried in ancient times, the valley grounds have many important tombs of ancient Egypt.

  • The Tomb of Nefertari (Tomb 66): the most renowned and beautiful tomb out of the many belongs to queen Nefertari closest to the heart of the king Ramesses ll out of his 5 queens. Nefertari celebrated as ‘the most beautiful of them’, is steered by gods and is usually wearing a golden crown with two feathers extended from the back of a vulture and clothed in a white, gossamer gown. Most alluring sight is the scene that depicts the queen worshipping the mummified body of Osiris. The burial chamber is another wonderful scene with Nefertari offering milk to the goddess Hathor.
  • The Tomb of Khaemwese (Tomb 44): Khaemwese known as the guardian of the gates of the afterlife along with his father is the scene scripted in the tomb, Khaemwese dressed in a robe, wears a necklace and the sidelocks of youth.
  • The Tomb of Queen Titi (Tomb 52): Queen depicted of making offerings to Hathor the cow and in the last chamber the gods Neith, Osiris, Selquit, Nephthys and Thoth. She must have been the queen of the twentieth century, projected with sidelock famous with young Egyptian of that era.
  • The Tomb of Amenhikhopeshef (Tomb 5): Son of Ramesses III, Amenhikhopeshef died at the age of about nine years old. Scenes show him being presented to various gods, including Anubis, the Jackal-headed god of the dead, by his father, Ramesses III. A premature baby was also found in the tomb belonging to his mother, who aborted upon learning of Amenhikhopeshef’s death.

Valley of Queens still has so many unexplored mysteries to be covered.

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