Valley of the Nobles
Valley of the Nobles

With many cultures and history-rich monuments for the eyes to gaze upon, Luxor can most probably be called the monumental capital of Aswan. From the Valley of the Kings to the Colossi of Memnon to the Valley of the Queens, Luxor is extravagantly filled with monuments and temples and structures.

The Valley of the Nobles is filled with hundreds of tombs within the rocks which are decorated with the careful engravings of the artists that may have the best of the hands. Even with a random look at the carvings a person can clearly make out the beauty of the eyes, the curly hairs and the pouted lips.

With More Than 400 Tombs To Choose From, The Best Of The Best Include:

Tombs of Neferronpet, Dhutmosi and Nefersekheru:

High ceiling with highly elaborated geometric patterns, the tombs are a mirror to the awesome engineering skills that the early Egyptian people had.

Tombs of Khonsu, Userhet and Benia:

Khonsu being the first Prophet in the temple, his tomb is greatly decorated with painting from different activities of Khonsu, particularly the Montu festival – the festival of the Gods. The sacred barque of the shrine of Montu is towed by two smaller boats.

The tomb of Benia is one of the most colourful tombs in the area consisting of imagery of eating, festivals and candid moments. The tomb also houses a statue of Benia and his parents.

Tombs of Ramose, Userhet and Khaemhet:

The interesting part about the tomb of Ramose is that it transitions between two different Pharaohs’ reigning period. The paintings and the carvings all depict two different styles.

The tomb of Userhet boasts of the most finely depicted scenes of daily life. The well-crafted body structures and detailing makes it all the way more beautiful.

The Tomb Of Khaemhet mainly honours the Gods and has scenes of people making offerings to them.

Tombs of Sennofer and Rekhmire:

The Tomb Of Sennofer is interesting mainly for its underground hallway. With paintings of sceneries and moments from his life throughout, the tomb of Sennofer is one of the most beautiful Tombs out there.

The tomb of Rekhmire is beautiful in its own way. Narrow long chambers and walls filled with beautiful cryptic lyrics make the tomb of Rekhmire a sure visit.

With several hundred tombs to look at and many more cropping up now and then, here and there, the Valley of the Nobles is one of the most fascinating visits in the by-lanes of the river Nile.

Though not as huge as the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Nobles is a rare gem. The tombs have wonderfully detailed out the scenes of their daily life in the form of paintings and filled with scriptures from the Book of the Dead that is meant to guide people in their afterlife. For your amazing and informative tour to the Valley Of The Nobles visit our website @ Nile Holiday

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