Tomb of Ramses VI
Tomb of Ramses VI

Started by king V and finished by King VI, it is a feast to the eyes, abundant with its surface lined with intact hieroglyphs and paintings. It was started by the passing Rameses V (1147–1143 BC) and continued by Rameses VI (1143–1136 BC), with each pharaoh apparently buried here; the names and titles of Rameses V still seem to be within half of the place.

With a number of broad corridors, 117 m long shafts and with the greatest kind of decorations, Potential Unit Nine is one amongst the foremost spectacular tombs within the valley.

History Of The Tomb-

Tutankhamun’s place remained intact till 1922 for the major part because of its existence near the place of Rameses VI, that acted as associate degree unwitting cloak for the older tomb’s entrance.

KV9, is the grave of Ramses VI, within the main chasm of the natural depression of the Kings. The grave was originally created by Ramses V, however soon, his uncle started reusing it as his own.

Structure Of The Tomb

The grave layout is comparable to those that were created within the twentieth family line and is less complicated compared to KV11. The grave was initially shown in associate degree episode of the 2005 BBC documentary series, named, however, Art created the globe.

Unique Features Of Ramses VI:

  • KV9 is one in all the foremost spectacular tombs of the depression of the Kings.
  • There is a ramp at the entryway, a pillared chamber having a central descent, a chamber, two lower corridors, one more chamber,  three corridors, a large burial chamber and one more room at the back.
  • The system of rules decorations of the grave, illustrate creation stories of the heavens, earth, however, the sun, light-weight and life were created.
  • The presence of a pit within the sepulture that remained unfinished may be an outstanding feature.
  • The decoration with an outsized variety of texts and scenes may be a noteworthy reality.
  • The walls of the chamber square measure filled with fine pictures of Ramses VI with numerous deities, further as scenes from the Book of the world, showing the sun god’s progress through the night, the gods WHO facilitate him and therefore the forces of darkness attempting to prevent him reaching the dawn.

The sepulture has associated and unfinished pits on the floor, an impressive figure of Nut and scenes from the Book of the Day and Book of the Night. To learn more about the tomb and the king and get the live experience visit the website Nile Holiday book your tour to the Tomb of Ramses VI.

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Tomb of Ramses VI

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