A journey of leisure and recreation begins from the ancient city of Egypt named “Esna.” Esna stretches its boundaries from the south of Cairo, to the banks of Nile.

Egypt being a vast country always has something to offer, and its glory and tradition represented in the cultural heritage of Esna have increased research and tourist attraction in the area. The city was once under the command of sente Latopolis who was Greek.

Temples Of Esna-

One of the most remarkable architectures displayed by the temple of Esna, with its symbolic representation to the god Khnum, and his consorts Menhit and Nebtu are spellbounding. The Esna temple built of minerals and red sandstone consists of six rows with four columns each, and with lotus-leaf capitals, all of which however are different from each other.

Till date, individuals who entered temple comply with strict rituals when it comes to purity. Those entering the temple are expected to cut their fingernails and toenails, and remove their body hair and wash their hands with natron, a naturally occurring salt.

There are many such magnificent small temples of the 19th century which have either been destroyed or cannot be excavated, as the modern villages have taken over the old site.

Ancient Commercial Centres At Esna-

Parallel to the Esna temple lies examples of the 19th-century houses with wooden screens. Running down the temple is the commercial centre of Esna also referred to as Wikalat Al Gedawi. Esna was a marked destination for the one-stop camel caravans between Sudan and Cairo.

Esna Markets-

Primarily, Esna is known for its tourists’ oriented markets and the temple Esna which is only 200 metres away from the river and partially excavated.

The old oil mill, the marketplace or the Souq as the locals call it, and the temples are regarded as the hub of the city in between Luxor and Aswan. The town makes a pleasant excursion site for those who are interested in architectural and traditional artefacts.

Esna Shores-

Along the waterfront, near the temples are several resembles of 19th-century houses with elaborate mashrabiyya or wooden lattice screens. This also adds up to the charm of the enigmatic busy town.

Esna is a small town with a lot to see including old houses, museums and temples beautifully carved to preserve the Egyptian cultures. Esna offers its visitors a rich cultural heritage and invites vacationers for a relaxing tour. To book your Esna Tours contact us @ (+20) 100 002 7316,.

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