Tombs Of The Noble

As we speculate the history of Egypt, the Tombs of Nobel redirects to the extraordinary evidence the past has stored for the future. The culture of tomb setting has high relevance in the political and religious beliefs of Ancient Egyptian Society.  Tombs Of The Nobles (Amarna) are the burial ground of the influential courtiers and individuals of the city of Akhenaten. It is the burial ground where to the tombs of workers, foremen’s, priests, soldiers, officials got buried. It marks its locations in Middle Egypt.

The Tombs Stretch Is Towards The Two Primary Zones: The North And South. It Has Its Split In The Luxor, Saqqara, Amarna, And Aswan.  


The site features many tombs embedded in rocks, decorated with frescoes depicting the routine and lives of their inhabitants. Among all the tombs the most accessed and recommended is the tomb of Sheikh Adb El Gurna, The Mayor of Thebes (Luxor) with harvest and grapevines images accompanied by the Nakht astronomer journey.

From A Visitor Point:

  • It is evident that burial rituals also mark the history depicting the religious, political and cultural significance in one’s society. The decoration, architecture, and carvings on the tomb are not just for the Royals but also for the courtiers and individual whose adobe was once in Armana.
  • These tombs reflected the daily life of the individuals. The daily event, nature and the concerns of the society. If one wants to rejuvenate and escape the crowd they can visit the tombs of nobles. The challenges the tombs of noble’s faces regarding its reach without the guide, however, if one is determined to cross the crowded site, a visit to the valley of kings is definitely one’s choice.
  • The tombs of nobles follow the principles of Egyptian philosophies. The dedication of ancient royalty breaks the trend of commercialism and monumental projects. These tombs draw a line between the ancient civilization and modernization era. Its location is between the Ramesseum and Hatshepsut temple.

The triumphal imagery of conquering pharaohs and depiction of tombs in the rocky hills are the dedication of the past for the future. Get in touch with us to book you tour to the Tombs of the Noble.

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