Aswan Botanic Garden
Aswan Botanic Garden

Famous among the locals, the beautiful Aswan Botanical Gardens are more than just a beautiful place to enjoy your weekend strolls.  An important centre of botanical research, the Aswan Botanical Gardens tests the viability and fitness of plant species according to Egyptian Weather. It’s one of two islands in the Nile immediately adjacent to the city-centre of Aswan,

Grounds to more than 25 different varieties of palm trees are there. The Aswan Botanical Gardens attract a lot of migratory birds in the offseason. The waterfowl is the favourite visitor of these gardens.

Island History:

  • Kitchener Island that morphs into a beautiful scenic landscape is the ground of the Aswan Botanical Gardens. Lord Kitchener made the island the headquarter for his army during his military campaigns in Sudan.
  • When he left the island, it came to be known as the King’s Island giving it back to the ministry of irrigation.

Garden Flora:

  • The island has a huge variety of plantations and trees. While most of the plants are natural growths, some others have been brought in.
  • Variety of palm trees grows on the island like the Royal Palm tree, the Sabal palm tree, and the Phonic palm tree.

Garden Layout:

The Aswan Botanical Gardens has three entrances. The main entrance located on the northern tip of the island and it is the best way which involves a long walking till you reach the southern tip. The Aswan Botanical Garden divided into 27 squares with horizontal and vertical paths cutting each other has shady trees in the sidewalk.

Birdwatching In Aswan Gardens:

  • The garden is the nub of botanical research. A major bird-watching destination.
  • The garden is home to a variety of birds including doves, sparrows, peacocks, and crows. The waterfowl is a frequent visitor during the migratory seasons and spectacular for all birdwatchers.

The Aswan Botanical Garden is a suitable family place for picnics, and weekend outings. Peaceful walks on the narrow paths of the garden on bright sunny afternoons is a narrow escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you wish to spend some quality time with your family and friends and want to enjoy beautiful scenic views on your Egypt Tours. Then, the Aswan Botanical Gardens is without question one of the most beautiful and most relaxing Attractions In Aswan.. The impressive sunrise and panoramic sunset views leave you awestruck. For an amazing tour of these gardens visit our website @ Nile Holiday.

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Aswan Botanic Garden

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