Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam, situated across the Nile River in Egypt Attractions made on July 21, 1970. The peak of the dam is two miles long, and the dam ended the cycle of flood and dryness in the Nile River region, and used a tremendous source of renewable energy, but had a contentious environmental influence, and the dam was built Aswan, 500 miles south of Cairo, in 1902.

Purpose Of Building The Aswan High Dam

  • The first Aswan Dam rendered valuable irrigation during droughts but could not hold back the yearly flood of the majestic Nile River around the era of nineteen fifty.
  • The ruler Gamal Abdel Nasser wanted to construct a new dam across the Nile, one large enough to end flooding and bring electric power to every branch of Egypt.
  • Gamal Abdel Nasser won British financial backing and the United States, though in July 1956 both nations cancelled the offer after learning of a secret Egyptian arms agreement with the USSR. After that Nasser nationalized the British and French-owned Suez Canal, planning to use tolls to pay for his High Dam project.

Important Facts About Dam

  • The giant reservoir created by the dam–300 miles long and 10 miles wide–was named Lake Nasser in his honour. The creation of Lake Nasser needed the resettlement of 90,000 Egyptian peasants and Sudanese Nubian nomads and the dam led the Nile’s devastating floods to an end, improved more than 100,000 acres of desert land for cultivation, and made additional crops possible on some 800,000 other acre
  • The expensive relocation of the ancient Egyptian pantheon Complex Of Abu Simbel, built in the 13th century B.C and the water stored in Lake Nasser, several trillion cubic feet, is shared by Egypt and Sudan and was crucial during the African drought years of 1984 to 1988.
  • The nutrients running into the Mediterranean is suspected to be the cause of a decline in anchovy groups in the eastern Mediterranean.

Aswan High Dam has however led to the decrease in the number of fish in the Nile. Most of the fish were migratory. Lake Nasser, on the other hand, has been stocked with many fish species, including the perch.

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