Tomb Chapels of the Nobles
Tomb Chapels of the Nobles

The Tomb Chapels Of The Nobles is roofed by rock-cut graves of nobles and high officers of Aswan Tours on the geographical region of the city, in a section known as Sheik Abd El-Korna.

Tomb 55, the most remarkable tomb in this grave belongs to Ra-Mose. Ra-Mose was the mayor of Thebes during the end of the reign of Amenhotep III and his son Akhenaton, the vizier.

Here’s All The Information About The Tombs-

Aametju (Ahmosis) – Tt 83

Aametju was the Mayor of Thebes and Vizier under Thutmose III of the 18th Dynasty. The facade of Tomb TT83 highlights a series of pillars and openings in style known as ‘saff-tomb,’ after a model dating back to the 11th Dynasty. This particular tomb worked as a house for several Egyptologists. Hence it came to be known as “The house of Wilkinson.”

Amenemhat – Tt 82

Amenemhat was”steward of the Vizier,” and “scribe who reckons the corn” under Thutmosis III. An insignificant character with a great understanding of religious beliefs reused the Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom. TT82 is an essential source for our information of the funeral exercises of the time.

Ameneminet – Tt 277

Ameneminet, the minister in the ‘Temple of Millions of Years’ of Amenhotep III. Tomb TT 277 is scanty and irregular but its decoration, in the Ramesside style, is well maintained. Some of the views in it are most unusual, such as one emphasizing the moving of the mummy to the burial chamber.

Amenemope – Tt 148

The tomb of Amenemope constructed by the 20th Dynasty is related to an influential family who served the Temple of Amon. An illustration of the so-called temple-tombs, the tomb signifies extravagance.

Amenemopet (Ipy) – Tt41

Amenemopet, the Chief Steward of Amun in the Southern City Thebes, belonged to the 19th Dynasty. His tomb covers the texts of many hymns in addition to the customary prayers and addresses to the gods and is of theological significance. The scenes in this tomb, despite modern reconstruction, it is quite visible and is much appreciated by tourists. Its unprepossessing appearance implies the long rejection.

Amenemopet – Tt 177 / Userhat – Tt 176

Tombs TT177 and TT176 present together lived at least two centuries apart. TT177 is the smaller of the two, the decoration of which is a harshly damaged state. Opening in its walls gives access to TT176, which is better protected.

The sepultures are an amazing place to visit on Egypt Tours. These tombs are very informative and enhance your knowledge about Ancient Egyptian lifestyle and culture. To learn more about the Tombs Of The Nobel, book your tour to the Tomb Chapels Of the Nobles contact us @ (+20) 100 002 7316,

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Tomb Chapels of the Nobles

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