Sharm El Sheikh Information
Sharm El Sheikh Information

On the southern tip of Sinai, coastline paradox of Red Sea, that has created uproar in Egypt Tourism. With so many jaw-dropping sights and bone melting adventures tourist flock all year round.

History Of Sharm El Shiekh

Operational base for fishermen became prominent when Israelis built Ofira that overlooked some coastal areas of Sharm El Sheikh. After that, tourist began to flock and once a fishing village was transformed into a major port and metropolitan area on the coast of Red Sea.

The city has played a major role in peace treaties and conferences. But Tourism In Egypt has focused on the Sharm El Sheikh Top Attractions.

Best Time To Visit Sharm El Shiekh

Sharm El-Sheikh is generally warm and dry all year round. The water temperature is always warm, although cold snaps may affect the region occasionally each winter. In winter the stay can be enjoyable, and the days are quite short.

Spring: (March – April) Average of 25°C during day and night time temperatures remains 13°C. The sea visibility is clearest and water temperatures hover around 22-23°C.

Summer: (May – September) Average temperatures reach 37°C during day and lows of 28°C at night. These months can be humid, but Red Sea winds manage it.

Autumn: (October – November) Average temperatures in October 31°C and in November 27°C in November, while at night, stays between 23-18°C. Sea temperatures of 26-27°C provide clear visibility.

Winter: (December – February) Average temperatures of winters are 19°C in December, 18°C in January and 19°C by February. The sea is at its coolest in February, when temperatures drop down to 22°C and in December temperatures reach 24°C.  However rainfall may occur during this time.

Ideal Weather: October 29th to April 29th based on average temperatures…

Best Time for sunbathing and swimming: Winter (November – February)

Best Time for diving: Summer (May and June)

Best Time: Spring and Autumn (April, October and November)

 Major Point Of Interest In Sharm El Shiekh

  • Parks
  • Bays
  • Coral Reef
  • Beaches
  • Red Sea
  • Garden and forests
  • And so on…

To know in details about these sites, see Sharm El Sheikh Outdoor Activities.

Things To Do Sharm El Shiekh

Egypt Tours has brought the city into focus with several exciting adventures which you can see in details in Sharm El Sheikh Tours, Travel & Activities.

Places To See Things To Do Best Hotels Maps
Ras Mohammed National Park Water sports
Naama Bay Sightseeing
Joland Reef Snorkelling
Garden Reefs Sightseeing
Al Mustafa Mosque Shoppe in souks and markets
Naqb Protectorate… Swim with dolphins
Bedouin nights…

Sharm El Sheikh is the best of Sinai but it is not the only attraction. Explore Red Sea at Sinai’s El Shiekh with  NILE HOLIDAY .

Let us show you the best of Sinai without worrying and stressing. Our guides are experienced and know how to give you Interesting Facts About Egypt that will be etched to your heart forever. So pack your holiday bags today and experience Red Sea at its best…

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Sharm El Sheikh Information

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