Giza Information
Giza Information

On the west bank of Nile River, the pyramid complex and Ancient Egypt’s treasure trove Pyramids Of Giza has always been Egypt Tourism main attraction. Home to iconic Egyptian monuments that has 3 major pyramids, not to forget King Khufu’s tomb, the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx which is a large statue of a man’s head on a lion’s body etc.

History Of Giza

The biggest corroboration of Ancient Egypt is Pyramids Of Egypt and those are spread all over Giza Governorate.

They reflect the place of pharaoh ancient Egyptian society has given. More than 4,000 years later, the Egyptian Pyramids still standing says what grandeur and glorious Egypt’s past have been.

The first pyramid in Egypt was built around 2630 B.C. at Saqqara, known as Step Pyramids. Stripped of most of bodies, funeral goods and limestone coverings, these pyramids still play a major role in providing a glimpse into the everlasting Egypt Civilisation that still continues to strive for more. To know more about these beguiling and enticing pieces, see All Pyramids Of Egypt.

Best Time To Visit Giza

As a hot desert country, Best Time To Travel Egypt will be from October to April.

But its peak season i.e., December and January. Egypt’s pyramids will be abuzz with tourist all over the world in this time.

But the cheapest time will be summer time i.e, May – September but only if you are ready to face the heat and Khamseens of Egypt.

Click here to more about Egypt Weather.

Major Point Of Interest In Giza

The what-not of Giza is spellbinding and holds its own charm and draw people globally.  Egypt Tourism has been marketing on the mystery and spirit of Ancient Egypt for years and has successfully managed to make the headlines in Tourism world.

Things To Do In Giza

Apart from pyramids, the historical focus of Egyptian Giza has lots of exciting things to offer. And few are listed below.

Places To See Things To Do Best Hotels Maps
Great Pyramid Camel rides
Great Sphinx Hot Air Balloon rides
Step Pyramid Eastern/Western Cemetery visits
Solar Boat Museum Light and sound shows at pyramids
Papyrus Museum Royal club Mohamed–Aly
Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre Hotel and spas
Great Wall National Circus
Giza Zoo Mena House
Pharaonic Village…. Dream Park….

The list goes on and on NILE HOLIDAY has always tried to understand what things do pull you and has customised trips that can be planned on what you want to explore and how. Enjoy the history and colours of Egypt and get drenched in the mysticism and adventures of Egypt.  Let the fun and excitement begin…

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