Egypt Tourist Attractions & Activities
Egypt Tourist Attractions & Activities

Egypt is a desert land on the coast of Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea but the life force of it is Africa’s longest River Nile. However, this desert land has something extra that no other Africa land has. That is 7000 years of civilisation and long-standing history that can be evidenced in every corner.

Egypt’s major source of income comes from Tourism. Under, Egypt Tourism we covered, the various attractions of Egypt. However, NILE HOLIDAY focuses on 8 core cities of Egypt to offer everything Egypt has to offer.  Those are:


Click Cairo Tours, Travel & Activities to know various essential attractions of Cairo and how you can enjoy it with activities and tours available for you.


As Cairo, see Luxor Tours, Travel & Activities. We cover the basic attraction points and show various activities you can have to explore this golden city.


Likewise, see Aswan Tours, Travel & Activities. We will cover all the popular attractions and show what to do here and what activities and tours are available.


See Alexandria Tours Travel & Activities, we can do the same process and see what Alexandria has to offer in its trip.


As in Hurghada Tours, Travel & Activities, we can find out all the attraction it has, and know about various trips and activities that are designed for tourist’s pleasure.

Marsa Alam:

Same goes for Marsa Alam Tours, Travel & Activities where we can find all its charm and entertainment factors that make a tourist jaw drop.

Port Safaga:

Port Safaga Tours, Travel & Activities will show its attractions and activities designed to entertain and enlighten a tourist looking for a break.

Sharm El Sheikh:

Know more in Sharm El Sheikh Tours, Travel & Activities, how to enjoy and what to enjoy here and let your hair fly.

Make Your Egypt Dreams Come True…

Marsa Alam Tours Travel & Activities

During Marsa Alam Tours, enjoy snorkelling on sandy blue beaches. There are a wide range of trips, tours and excursions you can engage in.  There

Safaga is a coastal town on Red Sea that is famed for some exciting windsurfing activities along with all its Red Sea treasures that makes

The Mediterranean port city brings a breath of fresh air with its Graeco Roman culture, Mediterranean culture and Coptic influences all around. It draws not

On the south coast of Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Shiekh is a buzzing resort town that steals every show and spellbind every heart. A true

Luxor is one of the oldest cities in history of civilizations. It is considered an open museum of temples, monuments and it was the ancient

Aswan is one of the major Ancient Egypt wonder but is the smallest and unspoilt of other Egypt Destinations. By making High Dam on Nile

Hurghada is world’s favourite Red Sea marvel. Once, a small and uncomplicated fishing town has now become Egypt Tourist Attraction. Under Hurghada Tours, Travel &

Cairo, one of the largest city of Egypt is also known as “the city of thousand minarets”. The happy chaos and the vibrant colours of

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Egypt Tourist Attractions & Activities

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