Hurghada Information
Hurghada Information

Hurghada City, Red Sea coastal city of Egypt speaks for itself. The city has been famed as the one of the best recreational Egypt Tourist Attractions.

History Of Hurghada

In 1905, the village was built and was named for an ancient plant found here.

But in 1913, oil was discovered, and it became prime spot for production and export. However, King Farouk started a recreational centre and made it a vital source of escape from Egypt’s blistering heat.

With an ongoing war with Israel, Hurghada Destination has been in headlines these years but nothing has prevented tourist from this sinful temptation of a beach city.

Best Time To Visit Hurghada

Even though the summers are extremely hot and dry and winter are cold, the weather still remains ripe for sunbathing and beach sprees all year round. The temperature doesn’t drop below 20°C, making it ideal for a good swim all year round.

Ideal Weather: November 5th to April 15th based on average temperature…

Busiest Time: October – April (winter)

Best Time for swimming and scuba-diving:  June – August (summer)

Best Time: April – June and Sep – Nov (spring and autumn)

Major Point Of Interest In Hurghada

  • Islands
  • Marina
  • Red Sea
  • Beaches
  • Submarines
  • Deserts
  • Aquariums
  • And so on…

To know in details about these sites, see Hurghada Top Attractions.

Things To Do In Hurghada

Egypt Tourism has brought the city into focus with several exciting adventures which you can see in details in Hurghada Tours, Travel & Activities.

Places To See Things To Do Best Hotels Maps
Giftun Island Relax in beaches
Hurghada Marina Swimming
Sindbad Submarine Snorkelling
Abu Nuhas Shipwreck sites Quad rides
Gota Abu Dive Sites Camel rides
Hurghada Aquarium Shoppe
Mahmya Island… Scuba Diving…

The most happening Red Sea coast of Egypt and is a year round destination choice. NILE HOLIDAY , explore the fun and excitements of Red Sea and Egypt. After a mind numbing exploration of Egypt, Hurghada Tours is the perfect way to relax and absorb the finds of Egypt’s mystic. Let take Egypt Tours take away all your stresses and give you an adventure of a lifetime…

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Hurghada Information

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