Cairo Cultural & Theme Tours

Cairo Cultural & Theme Tours bedazzles tourist place in every corner. But not everyone has the same taste and interest. For example, a history geek will love sightseeing trips that take you on a ride in time, whereas adventure seekers will want to enjoy actions and entertainment more. What about families and couples? Where families will enjoy parks and shopping etc., a couple will seek romantic outings. But food lovers, they can be in any group, historical buff, family, adventurous, they will want their trips to have as many as culinary treasures their trips can afford.

Theme Tours

These theme tours only highlight on popular themes that seem to be working:

  • Family tours: This theme will focus on the parks, zoo, aquarium as well as shopping, food etc. along with Cairo museums, palaces as such.
  • Romantic tours: It focuses on enchanting places, enticing parks, romantic dining, along with fascinating museums and so on…
  • Actions packed tours: This will bring out all the activities dominated places and thrilling trips on forefront such as, Cairo tower exploring, Felucca rides etc.
  • Gastronomic tours of Cairo: This tour is designed for food lovers. Explore the culinary delights of Cairo.
  • Historical Cairo: This is the most sought after the tour. It includes ancient Egypt tours, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo, Medieval Cairo, Old Cairo and so on..
  • Budget tours: This will allow you to enjoy Cairo without emptying your account.
  • Luxury tours: As the name suggest it will get you Cairo’s best in the most comfortable way possible.

Cultural Cairo

If you want to concentrate on a specific part of Cairo, cultural tours will enable them.

  • Cairo’s Palaces: Explore the enigmatic and magnificent castles of Cairo.
  • Medieval Cairo Delights: Discover Cairo’s not long but widespread attractions.
  • Cairo’s Museums: Dig deep into mystifying artefacts to awe-inspiring artworks.
  • Modern Cairo Delights: Enjoy the modern Egypt Tourism actions and sights.
  • Old Cairo Delights: Witness the signs and ruins of Egypt’s long history.
  • Coptic Cairo: Know the impact of Christian Era over Egypt’s art and culture.
  • Islamic Cairo: The 700 years of epic rule that was established on Mukattam Hills.

This can go on and on… Only you can decide what you want to explore. NILE HOLIDAY will schedule your Cairo Cultural & Theme Tours accordingly..

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