White Desert

White Desert lies in the north of Qasr el Farafra. White Desert got its name from the calcium rock formations sculpted by million years of erosions and winds over a long time which was actually a sea bed with layers of sedimentary rocks made from fossils of marine creatures after the ocean dried up. The gleaming white rock formations give ethereal appearance to the area, making the experience magical and unforgettable.

Egyptian Desert takes you through an endless stunning range of desert landscapes coupled with scenic sunsets and starry night skies.

Egypt Tours are worth visiting that lets you leave the modern world behind and enjoy the naturally deserted retreat kingdoms of ancient culture and lifestyle.

General Info

Name: Sahara El Beyda
Found in: Western Desert
Accessible: 4WD and Camel
Location: 27° 3′ 30″ N, 27° 58′ 12″ E
Area: 20 km long

General Features

  • Rock formations called Inselberg
  • The national park of Egypt
  • Old desert
  • Hot Springs
  • 300 year Acacia tree


White Desert is known for some unique desert animals, such as:

  • Slender-horned Gazelle (Rhim gazelle)
  • Gazella Leptoceros
  • Dorcas Gazelle (Ariel Gazelle),
  • Barbary sheep,
  • Rüppell’s fox,
  • Egyptian jerboa and
  • Giza gerbil.
  • Birds such as sandgrouse, greater hoopoe-lark and white-crowned wheatear and so on.

Things To Do

The most amazing experiences of White Desert include:

  • Bedouin-style camping
  • Sunrises in the white desert
  • Sunsets in the white desert
  • Stargazing in a desert night
  • Bedouin meals
  • Trekking the desert
  • Visiting hot springs and other interesting sites

Best Time To Visit

  • The Best Time To Visit Egypt is anytime between November and Marchwhen the climate is little more pleasant than rest of the time.
  • December and Januaryare peak tourist seasons, which may result in heavy crowd.

Important Sites

  • White Desert Park: 116 square mile protectorate for some specific species
  • Wadi Hennis:An inhabited oasis
  • Karawein Depression: Spectacular but small oasis
  • Farafra Depression: The second largest depression in the Western Desert
  • Djara Cave: The most surreal dripstone cave near White desert
  • Badr’s Museum: A window to the Medieval history of Egypt
  • Abu Noss Lake: The wonderland lake near White desert
  • Ain Besai: The Roman cemetery with a limestone chapel remains, ruins of mud-brick structures and some rock-carved tombs

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White Desert

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