Eastern Desert

The Eastern Desert lies between Red Sea and Nile River. Al-Sharqiyyah or Arabian Desert is the largest desert in Eastern Desert that spreads upto 85690 km2. With no natural oases, it is very different from Western desert. But the charms and adventures along with Red Sea exploration, it draws more tourist than Western Desert does.

Egyptian Desert takes you through an endless stunning range of desert landscapes coupled with scenic sunsets and starry night skies.

Egypt Tours are worth visiting that lets you leave the modern world behind and enjoy the naturally deserted retreat kingdoms of ancient culture and lifestyle.

General Info:

Name:  Eastern Desert
Part of: Sahara Desert
Location: 27° 18′ 0″ N, 32° 36′ 0″ E
Area: 220,000 km2

General Features:

  • Red Sea Riviera
  • Eastern Desert Mountain Range: full of prehistoric paintings and carvings
  • Hot Sulphur Springs
  • Arabian Desert:
  • Monasteries
  • Hala’ib triangle
  • Stones and ores: such as gold, emeralds, marbles and so on..
  • Mines, Quarries, and Temples
  • National Parks of the Eastern Desert and the Red Sea


Eastern Desert is known for some unique desert animals, such as:

  • Striped Hyena
  • Bushy-Tailed Jird,
  • Golden Spiny Mouse,
  • Blanford’s Fox
  • Rüppell’s Fox
  • Nubian Ibex
  • Aardwolf,
  • Striped Polecat
  • Common Genet
  • African Wild Ass
  • Hardy reptiles such as variety of lizards, snakes, spiders, scorpions and so on..
  • Birds such as sand partridge, streaked scrub warbler, mourning wheatear and white-crowned wheatear and so on..

Things To Do:

The most amazing experiences of Eastern Desert include:

  • Res Sea Exploration
  • Desert Safaris
  • Quad bike safaris
  • Camel Rides
  • Desert Camping
  • Stargazing in a desert night
  • Bedouin meals
  • Visiting interesting sites of Eastern Deserts

Best Time To Visit:

  • The Best Time To Visit Egypt is anytime between October and Aprilwhen the climate is little more pleasant than rest of the time.
  • December and Januaryare peak tourist seasons, which may result heavy crowd.

Important Sites To Visit:

  • Red Sea Coasts
  • Red Sea Hills
  • Jebel Gharib: Mount Gharib
  • Jebel Abu Dukhan: Mount Abu Dukhan – Father of Smoke
  • Jebel Gattar: Permanent springs and relatively abundant vegetation
  • Jebel Shaayib Al-Banat: Old Man Mountain
  • Jebel Umm Anab
  • Jebel Abu Hamr
  • Jebel Fatira
  • Jebel Farayid: Mount Farayid
  • Berenice Bodkin: One of the Rock Spires
  • Jebel Shellal
  • Jebel Shendib
  • Jebel Shendodai
  • Jebel Elba: Highest peak in Red Sea Mountains known for Mist Oasis
  • Jebel ‘Ataqa: Mountain with hot sulphur springs
  • Jebel Al-Jalalah Al-Quibliya: A cave with eye-popping views of wadis and red sea.
  • Mons Porphyrites: Mountain of Porphyry known for Roman mining operations
  • Mons Smaragdus: Emerald Mountains, the oldest mining complex
  • Temple of Seti I
  • Wadi Dib ring complex:
  • Wadi Hammamat: Pharaonic Inscriptions
  • Wadi Qash : Pre-dynastic paintings
  • Wadi Atwan: Pre-dynastic paintings
  • Wadi Mineh: Greatest wealth of petroglyphs and rock art in Egypt
  • Wadi Barramiyah & Wadi Umm Salam: “Canyon of the Boats”
  • Wadi Gamal National Park
  • North Island Protectorate
  • Elba National Park
  • And so on..

Tourism In Egypt provide the Best Thing To Do In Egypt as this diverse and incredible … you visit Egypt to learn about its culture, history, landmarks, and more.

But even after all that Egypt Tourism brings Egypt spectacular beaches, Egypt’s art & culture, thrilling activities, food, riveting nightlife, Egypt’s particular brand of wine and dine and many more action and adventure.

Capture these marvellous wonders of Egypt that changes every time you look, waiting just to be explored and enjoyed. Nile Holiday offers you a ride into Eastern Desert of Egypt.

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Eastern Desert

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