The Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities
The Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities

The Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities, The oldest and largest museum of Egypt houses the biggest collection of Ancient Egypt artefacts. Normally Egyptian Sites can be divided in to Egyptian Museums, where one can get into details. 

Tourism In Egypt has some of the most attractive Egyptian Sites and an interesting contemporary culture, the trove of antiquities is what attracts most visitors. Egypt has listed above 50 museums and still many have still to find their way to the list as it has reached the heart of tourist worldwide.

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General Info

Name:  Egyptian Museum or Museum of Cairo
Established in: 1835
Location: 30°02′52″N 31°14′00″E
Opening Hours: 9:00am-7:00pm
Place: Cairo
Type: History Museum
Collection Size: 120, 000 items
During Ramadan: till 5:00pm


The museum was first established in 1835 near Ezbekeyah Gardens which was moved to Cairo Citadel. A new museum was built in Boulaq in 1858 which suffered damage due to flood in Nile in 1878 and was moved to a royal palace in Giza during 1891. In 1902, the Museum officially moved to Tahrir square and was opened to public.

During 2011 revolution, many artefacts were damaged, destroyed and lost. Later 25 of these items were re-established and damaged pieces were restored and are now displayed in Damaged and Restored section.


The building is comprised of 2 floors.

  • Ground floor: 42 rooms with one opening to Atrium and last one with many sarcophagi (coffins) to boats and large sculptures.
  • Collection of Ancient Egypt coins and papyrus.
  • Collection of artefacts from New Kingdom
  • First floor: The Mummies Room is the highlight of first floor.
  • Collection of artefacts from last 2 dynasties such as tombs of Pharaoh..
  • Collection of artefacts from valley of kings
  • Mummies of kings and royal members


  • The garden near the building of the museum is a memorial to some famous Egyptologists of the world with statues and busts such as François Chabas, Johannes Dümichen, Jean-François Champollion, Amedeo Peyron, and Auguste Mariette and so on..
  • King Tutankhamen was youngest Pharaoh and his tomb even being looted before has an entire section of museum with 3500 artefacts that contain a gold mask, jewellery, vases and weapons etc..
  • Most prominent were two masks of King Tutankhamun, bust of King Akhenaten, Ushabti figurines that belonged to the Nubian kings, a mummy of a child and a small polychrome glass vase..

Top 10 Items

  • Tutankhamen Death Mask: 11kg solid mask made of cedar wood and covered with gold, in room 3.
  • Seneb Statue: A happy Dwarf family sculpture with 2 children in tow, in room 32.
  • Tutankhamen Canes: A display case with 100 canes that is believed to be used by Tutankhamen.
  • Ka-Aper Statue: An old kingdom priest with all-seeing eyes made of copper, quartz, and rock crystal in room 42.
  • Mummies Room: Displays mummies in temperature controlled cases.
  • Narmer Palette: The first of hieroglyphic engravings on palette dates back to 31stcentury BC.
  • Statue of Khufu: The ivory statue rounds 7.5 cm high, 22.9 cm long, and 22.6 cm wide of the builder of Greatest Pyramids is considered one of the best archaeological findings.
  • Statue of Khafra: The Diorite statue belongs to Khufu’s son Khafra and builder of Pyramid of Khafra and Sphinx of Giza.
  • Statue of Menkaure: The Menkaure statue is made of greywacke and belongs to the builder of smallest of the three pyramids of Giza.
  • Merneptah Stele: Also known as Victory Stele of Merneptah or Israel Stele is an engraving by 19thcentury ruler King Merneptah.

These classifications are not ending alls. We can also divide them into Egyptian Sites, where we can get into details. That is why we offer guides with multiple language skills and experience in Egyptology to help you see your dream destination with new eyes and fall in love with Egypt as we do… Egypt Tour Packages give you the chance to experience Egypt’s history and best attractions.

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