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Imhotep Museum an archaeological museum, which was established at the foot of Saqqara necropolis in Memphis of Egypt, is dedicated to Imhotep, the prodigy of Ancient Egypt.

Tourism In Egypt has some of the most attractive Egyptian Sites and an interesting contemporary culture, the trove of antiquities is what attracts most visitors. Egypt has listed above 50 museums and still many have still to find their way to the list as it has reached the heart of tourist worldwide.

Nile Holiday brings you some very remarkable and ingenious Egyptian Museums that Egypt has to offer. Let’s break them up according to their locations:

General Info

Name: Imhotep Museum
Established in: 2006
Location:  29° 52′ 12″ N, 31° 12′ 57.96″ E
Summer Opening Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm
Winter Opening Hours: 7:00am-7:00pm
Place: Saqqara
Type: Archaeological Museum
Display Size: Most prized 250 items
During Ramadan: till 4:00pm


Imhotep was the vizier of King Djoser and creative genius behind Step Pyramid that is considered the beginning of Pyramid history of Egypt. Before the tombs used to be made of mud but he changed the process significantly leading to the making of Great Pyramids.

Imhotep was the most famous and first real architect, first astrologer to start the Ephimeric system and Egypt writing skills, inventor of black ink for writing , first real doctor in human history, and so on. His life and death both mystifies and beckons Ancient Egypt enthusiasts.

The museum of Imhotep was established on 2006 to immortalize the great pioneer of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptologist Jean-Philippe Lauer dedicated his whole life to the Saqqara complex and Djoser excavations that lead to the construction of this museum.


The building consists mainly of 6 large halls with a large corridor, where two halls are at the entrance and rest four on the other two sides of the corridor:

  • 1st Hall: It consists 1 of the statues of King Djoser, 4 portrays about Imhotep and Ancient times and so on..
  • 2nd Hall: It is called Mission Hall that consists of 62 items of Saqqara Excavation.
  • 3rd Hall: It is called Saqqara Hall that consists of 76 historical items mostly made of alabaster.
  • 4th Hall: It consists of 8 marvellous mosaic walls representing columns, ceilings and grounds.
  • 5th Hall: It is called Hall of Tombs with nine collections and
  • 6th Hall: It is called a Hall of Library with 300 books and personal belonging of Jean-Philippe Lauer, the Egyptologist.
  • Another Hall outside the museum is a cinema hall that contains shows of Saqqara complex.
  • Apart from that there are 2 large storage rooms equipped to store items adequately.


  • The museum was opened on April 26, 2006 by Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak and Mrs. Bernadette Chirac.
  • The statue of King Djoser with his vizier name on bottom at the entrance hall of the museum is actually a gift from Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
  • The artefacts in 2nd Hall are rotated.
  • Physician collection is divided in 2 rows-
  • One with 21 bronze statue
  • Other with 20 offering tables and vessels made o pottery and alabaster
  • The third hall 60 containers that were made out of alabaster.
  • It also has 16 statues that date back to Old Kingdom and 1statue that date back to Middle Kingdom.

Top Items

  • Boundary stele of Djoser with his Horus name of Netjerikhet.
  • Statue of Djoser with the name of Imhotep on the base.
  • Seated statue of King Djoser.
  • Statue of the vizier Ptah Sheps.
  • Representation of a striding man.
  • Small bronze statue of Imhotep, with papyrus.
  • A statue of the god Amun
  • A gold plated coffin in the shape of a mummy
  • Physician collection
  • Statue of King Pepi I

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