The Coptic Museum
The Coptic Museum

The Coptic Museum is the oldest and largest museum of Egypt houses the biggest collection of Ancient Egypt artefacts. Normally Egyptian Sites can be divided in to Egyptian Museums, where one can get into details.

Tourism In Egypt has some of the most attractive Egyptian Sites and an interesting contemporary culture, the trove of antiquities is what attracts most visitors. Egypt has listed above 50 museums and still many have still to find their way to the list as it has reached the heart of tourist worldwide.

Nile Holiday brings you some very remarkable and ingenious Coptic Museum has to offer.

General Info

Name: Coptic Museum
Established in: 1908
Location: 30° 0′ 21.6″ N, 31° 13′ 51.6″ E
Opening Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm
Place: Old Cairo
Type: Coptic Antiquities
Collection Size: 16,000 items
During Ramadan: till 4:00pm


Marcus Simaika Pasha built the museum in 1908 and inaugurated it in 1910. In 1931, it became a state museum and Christian antiquities were moved in 1939 to Egyptian Museum.  Later, the entire museum was renovated in 1983 and 1984. Further renovations were exercised in 2005-06.


The building has two new annexes with the original aisles go through 12 sectional displays.

  • Collection of Coptic Artefacts rich with Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traditions links ancient and Islamic Egypt.
  • Collection of objects, such as stonework, woodwork, metalwork, textiles and manuscripts.
  • Collection of 1,200 Nag Hammadi manuscripts in a library that is only allowed to specialist researchers.


  • Apart from the museum, there are gardens and courtyards and the area is surrounded by 6 old Coptic churches.
  • The building is covered with mosaics and styled with old mashrabiya screens that bring serenity and piousness to the Coptic grounds here.
  • Located inside Roman Babylon fort, the museum is now center of Attraction in Coptic Cairo.
  • The 2 storied building has 8 sections:
  • Stone and Portraits section
  • Metal section
  • Wood section
  • Ivory section
  • Coptic writing section
  • Pottery and Glass section
  • Cloth and Textile Section
  • Icon section

These classifications are not ending alls. We can also divide them into Egyptian Sites, where we can get into details. That is why we offer guides with multiple language skills and experience in Egyptology to help you see your dream destination with new eyes and fall in love with Egypt as we do… Egypt Tour Packages give you the chance to experience Egypt’s history and best attractions.

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The Coptic Museum

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